Elba Utility

Elba Utility
Public or private associations, in order to enhance the Island of Elba and the wealth of the Elban territory. You will find tourist, cultural and geographical information

Pair of Cormorants at the Porticciolo Rio Marina beach

National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago Elba Island

Elba is located within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, it is the largest island in the park and has an extension (22,350 hectares), with a development of 27 km between Punta Nera and Capo Pero.

Coast of Tuscany and Archipelago Islands

Project coordinated since 1998 by the Province of Livorno, from the beginning it set itself the goal of promoting the Tyrrhenian coast as a unique product capable of enhancing the particularities that characterize it, preserving and enhancing, at the same time, all the diversities that enrich this territory.

The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities

European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, Napoleonic history has left an imprint in the cities of France and Europe and Elba.

Circolo Pertini of the Elba Island

Tower of Martello Linguella and remains of the Roman Maritime Villa of Linguella

Club Pertini dell’Elba, The activism around the figure of Sandro Pertini, was born after a meeting of a Portoferraio school group with the President of the Republic, which took place in 1984, at the Quirinale.

APT Elba Island Agency for Tourism of the Tuscan Archipelago

APT Elba Island Public Agency for Tourism of the Tuscan Archipelago for promotional and information purposes. A new technological challenge to launch the development and offers of the island in an integrated system for citizens and tourists. The Web Network for Tourism and Services for the Island of Elba.

The Other Island Elba Island

THE OTHER ISLAND is a cross-border cooperation project between the territories of Cap Corse, the Costa Verde (Corsica) in France, the Elba and Capraia Islands (Tuscany) and the Coros-Figulinas (Sardinia), in Italy.

Elba Terme San Giovanni Elba Island

Elba, the thermal baths of S. Giovanni, are located in front of the Gulf of Portoferraio and rise on a marsh basin of 5 hectares, from which a silt with a high therapeutic potential is extracted which makes this modern spa the only and large Thalassotherapy Center in the Western Mediterranean.

How to reach Elba

How to reach Elba, directions how to get to Elba Island, by car, by train, by plane. The nearest port is Piombino, where four shipping companies operate

The other island Elba Island

Consortium otherisland in Rio Marina, for tourism that would contribute to making a characteristic place, one of a kind, sustainable tourism, which does not cause damage.

Between Land and Sea news, a quarterly of tourism communication

Between Land and Sea news, tourism communication quarterly. Created by the Province of Livorno and by the Tourist Agencies of the Etruscan Coast and the Tuscan Archipelago.
Page with links and telephone numbers of the tourist promotion agencies in the area.

Elbalab Island of Elba

Elbalab was born in Procchio in 2009, on the island of Elba, was born with the intention of creating a new and innovative space with cultural, social and environmental purposes.
Elbalab is a non-profit association formed by Angela Provenzali and Emilia Pignatelli who, although they come from different backgrounds and experiences, share the love for Elba and a similar sensitivity towards the cultural and environmental riches of the territory.

Legambiente Island of Elba

Legambiente Elba founded in 1986, after a period of crisis was transformed in the 90s into Circolo Elba Ovest and then returned to a larger dimension by taking the name of Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano and becoming one of the best known Green Swan clubs in Italy. To date, the members are over 100, scattered in 10 municipalities and two provinces (Livorno and Grosseto), active above all in Elba, where the Circolo Arcipelago Toscano is based.