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The other island, geography is about the place. Tourism also concerns the place, but not necessarily all tourism.
We would like to highlight the relationship between tourism and “sense of place”, supporting and emphasizing the geographical character of the place visited – its environment, its heritage, its aesthetics, its culture and the well-being of its inhabitants: the other island.

Trekking Elba Island

“What is the difference between this type of tourism and ecotourism or sustainable tourism? It’s simple: ecotourism focuses only on nature, while we would like to offer you a tourism that would contribute to making a characteristic place, one of a kind. Without a doubt, sustainable tourism, which must not cause damage, but which goes further, because it focuses on the importance of the place and recognizes that there are development possibilities starting from the character of the place, thus enriching both the experience of travel that the quality of the environment.

When, as often happens, success in the tourism field is measured, in terms of quantity and not quality, the trend towards the destruction of tourist destinations can be accelerated. It is very important that the success of tourism is measured not by counting the units, but the economic and social benefits for the tourist resort . Without a policy that preserves what tourists go to see, the place may eventually find that it no longer has any appeal.

Exceptionally high waters put nautical operators on alert;  storm warning on arrival

It is therefore necessary to focus attention in a holistic way on all the natural and human attributes that make a place worth visiting. This includes flora and fauna, historical monuments and archaeological sites, picturesque landscapes , traditional architecture and everything that constitutes culture, such as music, cuisine (and the agricultural traditions that accompany it), local crafts , folk dances, arts, crafts, etc.

Finally, this can benefit the local population, creating a virtuous circle in which locals benefit from tourism, which, in turn, when communicated clearly, offers an incentive to protect what tourists come to see.

Laltraisola Consortium in Rio Marina

Consortium Laltraisola in Rio Marina

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This also develops local self-love, both for the natural resources of the area and for its history and its traditional qualities.
Communication on the territory and those who live there is in fact the keystone.
The best interaction occurs when locals help visitors learn everything about the location because, when they understand and appreciate a place, they become more interested in protecting it.

The term “improve” is another important peculiarity of our thinking: the first directive of sustainable tourism is “do not harm”, but you can also improve things within certain limits, as long as the improvement remains faithful to the character of the place. It can be done in two ways, the first of which is constructive tourism which creates something that adapts to the environment and makes it a little better than it was before.
The second way is the tourism restorative that helps to save something that could otherwise disappear.

The “laltraisola” Consortium intends to make a significant contribution and stimulus to all this.