Wine Elba

Elba Red White Aleatico Grappa and limoncino

Aleatico of Elba red wine

Wines of Elba, in the following pages you will find the description of the best known ones of Elba production: the excellent Aleatico, the tasty Moscato, the Elba Rosso DOC wine and the Elba Bianco, together with some liqueurs including grappa.

Grappa of Elba

The Elban grappas are all produced exclusively with pomace originating from the island of Elba and almost all distilled locally.

Limonino of Elba, and Ciliegino

Limoncino of Elba, (Limoncello liqueur with lemon peel)

Limoncino of Elba, since ancient times, it was customary to make liqueurs, Limoncino, Arancino, Crema di Limonino, and Ciliegino.

Even today Limonino and Arancino are produced with the same procedures and are the results of infusions based on alcohol, water, sugar and lemon or orange peel.

The typical Elban liqueurs are: Crema di Limonino, Ciliegino and Liquore di Mortella. They are very valuable and suitable, both as a digestive and to accompany desserts.

Aleatico of Elba red wine

Aleatico of Elba

The Aleatico of Elba is a passito wine with the characteristic scents of the island, a clear hint of undergrowth and black cherry, with a velvety taste.

Aleatico is the island’s native grape variety par excellence, it has a delicate and thin skin. It goes wonderfully with schiaccia briaca , a dry dessert, typical of the island of Elba.

Elba White Wine

Elba Bianco DOC wine is a product with good shelf life, it goes well with fish-based cuisine, appetizers and delicate soups.

Moscato of Elba

Elba White Wine, Moscato wines from the Island of Elba

Moscato of Elba is a tasty passito of the island, in addition to Aleatico dell’Elba there are other passito wines, made with white grapes such as Moscato or Ansonica.

The realization is very tiring and demanding, the harvested grapes are left to dry on mats or racks, in special rooms (or even outdoors) with adequate ventilation to avoid mold.

Elba Red Wine

Elba Red is a wine DOC whose production is allowed on the island of Elba, from Sangioveto grapes, a widespread variety preserved through grafting. The color is ruby ​​red, has a vinous aroma and a full-bodied and dry flavor.

Mortella of Elba liqueur

Berries of Mirto / Mortella on the island of Elba

The preparation of Mortella of Elba is an artisanal process that requires attention. It takes Elbe myrtle berries, fennel seeds and catmint to have a liqueur very pleasant made with wild products from the Island of Elba.

The resulting product, thanks to its fragrant aroma, is suitable both as a digestive and to accompany desserts.