The other Island

The Other Island Elba Island

THE OTHER ISLAND is a cross-border cooperation project born in 2000 between the territories of Cap Corse, Costa Verde (Corsica) in France, the Isles ofElba and Capraia (Tuscany) and Coros- Figulinas (Sardinia), in Italy.

Elba wine vineyard

The «THE OTHER ISLAND» project is part of Action 2.2 «Development and promotion of tourism in the cross-border area» of the INTERREG IIIA FR-IT «ISLANDS» 2000-2006 Community Initiative Program, Corsica, Tuscany, Sardinia.

The project partners are committed to the development of a tool for the promotion and development of “tourism” in their territories: “the itinerary of identity”

Elba was chosen by Venus to explore its picturesque fishing villages, rugged coasts, mountain ridges and dream beaches.

The Other Island Elba Island

The Other Island
Island of Elba (LI)