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SPORT: good time on land and sea

The Island of Elba is a favorite for mountain-bikers, a paradise for scuba-divers, an ‘infinite track’ for hikers, it is the perfect place for whoever loves sport and wants a holiday which combines nature, sea and… physical activity.

kayak Elba Sport
kayak Elba Sport

Thanks to its mild climate that lasts from spring through autumn and its unspoilt natural beauties, Elba can satisfy both the adventurous and the lazy tourists: anyone can practice any sort of outdoor sport, from under the blue waters to above the towering cliffs

A fascinating underwater world of natural caves and numerous fish species welcomes every year the most demanding scuba divers, while bellying sails and silent canoes slip through the waves alongside renowned beaches.

On foot, on horseback or with a mountain bike: any of these means are perfect to explore the stony hills and the forest trails from which you can admire small villages and luxuriant green environment.

The holiday on Elba practicing sport

Elba Mountain Bike

During a holiday on the Island of Elba you can test your courage by paragliding or free-climbing one of the many cliffs; otherwise you can pass a relaxing day on the golf courses. Whatever is your choice you will find fully equipped centers with competent trainers who will guide you through the new sports you may wish to try and will help beginners.

Many sports disciplines are practiced on the island, supported by various associations and various structures present on Elba.

Volleyball Volleyball to the island from Elba

Volleyball Elba Island

Volleyball on the Island of Elba various volleyball teams Volleyball on the Island of Elba, list of associations of volleyball ...
Kayak Island of Elba

Kayak Elba to discover the hidden broken

The excursions to the sea of ​​Elba by kayak are very exciting, leading us to discover enchanting places that only ...
Fishing Elba Island

Fishing Elba Island

Elba Island and fishing There are many types of fishing practiced on the island. Almost all the sports and nautical ...
Judo Elba Island

Judo Elba Island

SPORT Judo Club Elba Island in Portoferraio The Elba Judo Club carries out martial arts courses for personal defense. Judo ...
Sport Athletics Elba Island running on the sea

Running – Elba Island Running Tour

Elba Island Running Tour Also this year, Promosport GS Italia organizes the GIRO PODISTICO DELL'ISOLA D ' ELBA (in the ...
The Crusaders - Nudibranco

Teseo Tesei Club Underwater Elba Island

Circle Underwater Teseo Tesei The Circolo Subacquei Teseo Tesei was founded in February 1962 by the will of Luigi Raffaelli, ...
Horse riding Elba Island

Horseback riding Elba Island, horseback riding

HORSE RIDING ON THE ISLAND OF ELBA For horse and horse lovers, the Elba will gratify them with pleasant emotions ...
Caprile from the Macinelle and the two Grottini

Elba Trekking

Walking, between the green and the blue of the Island of Elba Trekking on Elba, between the green and blue ...
Paragliding Elba Island

Elba Paragliding in Capoliveri

Paragliding in Capoliveri Elba Island The paragliding is a very fascinating sport, and Elba with its panoramas enhances this practice, ...
ASD Elba Rugby Elba Island

Elba Rugby – A.S.D. Elba Island

SPORT: A.S.D. Elba Rugby Elba Rugby was born in the Easter week of 1976 when the maestro Ballini Francesco, member ...
Elba Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Elba in Mountain Bike Mediterranean emotions between sea and mountains, discovering the extraordinary nature of the Island of Elba in ...
Peterhansel Pellegrinelli Tortoli Enduro Trophy 2021 start PS 1 day two

Elba Moto Club Motorcycle Associations Elbane

SPORT Moto Elba: Elbane Motorcycle Associations Elba and motorcycles, the people of the island have always been very sensitive to ...
Elba Golf Club and playing fields on the Island

Elba Golf Club and playing fields

Elba has two golf courses, one is the Acquabona Golf Club associated with the Italian Federation Golf and CONI and ...
Elba 4x4 off-road vehicle on the island of Elba

Elba 4×4 off-road vehicle on Elba Island

Elba Off-road vehicle: 4x4 off-road driving in Portoferraio Elba in Off-road vehicle a concentrate of nature to explore in 4x4, ...
Elba Free Climbing FASI

Elba Free Climbing climbing on Elba

SPORT: Elba Free Climbing Club in Portoferraio Free Climbing. Courses and climbs guided by instructors FASI, even out of season ...
Elba Fitness Gym

Elba Fitness Gyms

In Elba, for fitness enthusiasts, there are various sports gyms and present throughout the Island of Elba. Many disciplines performed: ...
Rowing Palio remiero Elba Island

Elba Rowing with rowing prize

Rowing: Palio Remiero Elbano In Elba by historical tradition (we are on an island), rowing competitions are held every year ...
Cycling Elba Island

Cycling Elba

Elba Island Cycling Society Amateur Sports Association Elba Bike and the company Ciclistica West Elba in Marina di Campo Amateur ...
Elba football

football Elba

Elba and football, the football sports associations on the island: A.S.D. Luigi Martorella S. Piero, USD Elba 2000 Capoliveri, A.S.D ...
Elba soccer


Elba Five-a-side football fields and sports associations: Pino Solitario in Fetovaia, Hermitage Golf Club in La Biodola, Cosimo de 'Medici ...
Elba Basket

Basketball – Elba Basket Sports Association

Elba Basket Sports Association Minibasket Courses of basketball for children from 6 to 11 years . The courses take place ...
Athletics sport track Elba Island


The athletics track is located in Loc. San Giovanni, in Portoferraio ...
Sail Elba

Nautical Club

Nautical ...
Elba Archers of the Sea

Archers of the Sea to Portoferraio

Archery on Elba Archers of the Sea in Portoferraio The "Arcieri del Mare" Amateur Sports Association, founded in 1996, has ...
Doubles at Tennis Elba Island

Elba Tennis

In Elba, tennis is a very popular sport, there are many tennis companies and clubs scattered throughout the island. For ...
Sail Elba

Elba Sail

Sailing on the Island of Elba Sailing on the Island of Elba is a unique sensation, the morphology of the ...


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