Elba Sport

SPORT: good time on land and sea

The Island of Elba is a favorite for mountain-bikers, a paradise for scuba-divers, an ‘infinite track’ for hikers, it is the perfect place for whoever loves sport and wants a holiday which combines nature, sea and… physical activity.

Thanks to its mild climate that lasts from spring through autumn and its unspoilt natural beauties, Elba can satisfy both the adventurous and the lazy tourists: anyone can practice any sort of outdoor sport, from under the blue waters to above the towering cliffs.Canoa Elba Sport

A fascinating underwater world of natural caves and numerous fish species welcomes every year the most demanding scuba divers, while bellying sails and silent canoes slip through the waves alongside renowned beaches.

On foot, on horseback or with a mountain bike: any of these means are perfect to explore the stony hills and the forest trails from which you can admire small villages and luxuriant green environment.

During a holiday on the Island of Elba you can test your courage by paragliding or free-climbing one of the many cliffs; otherwise you can pass a relaxing day on the golf courses. Whatever is your choice you will find fully equipped centers with competent trainers who will guide you through the new sports you may wish to try and will help beginners.

Many of the sports practiced on the island, supported by various associations and various.

Many sports disciplines are practiced on the island, supported by various associations and various structures present on Elba.




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