Flights Elba Island

Flights Elba Island

The airport is located in the center of the island, in the locality of La Pila (Marina di Campo) and is open all year round. Some useful numbers and the schedule of flights are listed below.

Tickets International flights:
39 0565 977527
+39 335 6596231
Tickets National flights
Air Alps: + 43.292729 – 99
tel. +39 0565/977900
InterSKy: + 43.5574.43526
fax +39 0565/972933


Voli Isola Elba Silver Air flight Flight Times 2019:

Lugano – Elba19/06/201925/09/201912:50Silver AirSLD803
Elba – Lugano19/06/201925/09/201915:00Silver AirSLD804
Berna – Elba25/05/201927/07/201909:15ZimexIMX900
Elba – Berna25/05/201927/07/201909:55ZimexIMX901
Berna – Elba25/05/201927/07/201913:35ZimexIMX902
Elba – Berna25/05/201927/07/201914:15ZimexIMX903
Berna – Elba31/08/201912/10/201909:15ZimexIMX900
Elba – Berna31/08/201912/10/201909:55ZimexIMX901
Berna – Elba31/08/201912/10/201913:55ZimexIMX902
Elba – Berna31/08/201912/10/201914:15ZimexIMX903
Lugano – Elba15/06/201928/09/201912:50Silver AirSLD803
Elba – Lugano15/06/201928/09/201915:00Silver AirSLD804

We advise you to check directly with the airline or the airport
to make sure there haven’t been any changes to the schedule.