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Elba Park National

Elba Park National of the Tuscan Archipelago, is the third Italian island with an extension of 22,350 hectares, has a maximum east-west development (between Punta Nera and Capo Pero) 27 km; north-south (between Capo Vita and Punta dei Ripalti) 18 km.

The Elba is divided into seven municipalities: Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio, Rio.

Linaria Elba Park Tuscan Archipelago National

The island is characterized by numerous gulfs and promontories that jagged the island perimeter.

Predominantly mountainous territory

The territory is mainly mountainous and hilly: the western massif granite consists of some peaks and culminates in Monte Capanne which reaches 1019 meters above sea level; in the central sector there is Monte Orello 385 m, to the South East Monte Calamita with 413 m, on the eastern side of the park of Elba the major relief is that of Cima del Monte 516 m above Porto Azzurro.

There are few flat areas located in the Piano di Mola and Marina di Campo.

The Elba Park is administered by the Park Authority

The Park Authorities are the public administrations that manage the National Parks Italians. Provided by the “Framework Law on protected natural areas” n. 394 of 6 December 1991., fall within the sector of non-economic public bodies as defined by Law no. 70 of 20 March 1975. The Park Authority has a personality under public law, has its legal and administrative headquarters in the territory of the Elba park and is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment.

Board of Directors

Elba Ente Park the events of March
Elba Ente Park the events of March

The bodies of the Body are: the President, the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, the Board of Auditors, the Community of the park (…). The President is the legal representative of the Park Authority, coordinates its activities, carries out the functions delegated to him by the Governing Council, adopts the urgent and non-postponable measures which he submits for ratification by the Governing Council in the following session.

The Governing Council is made up of the President and twelve members, appointed by Decree of the Minister of the Environment, after consulting the regions concerned, chosen from among people particularly qualified for activities in the field of nature conservation or from among the representatives of the Park Community (… ). The Governing Council decides on all general issues and in particular on the budgets (…). The Park Director is appointed by the Minister of the Environment after a public competition (…).

Elba Park National of the Tuscan Archipelago

Elba Park National Tuscan Archipelago

Via Guerrazzi, 1 Portoferraio
Island of Elba (LI)

Tel. +39 0565 919411
Fax +39 0565 919428

Website: www.islepark.it

E-mail: parco@islepark.it

The identity card of the Elba Park : the largest marine park in Europe, included in the international sanctuary of marine mammals.

Ente gestore: Tuscan Archipelago National Park Authority
Provisional seat:Via Guerrazzi, 1 – 57037, Portoferraio (LI)
Phone: +39 0565 919411
Fax: +39 0565 919428
E-mail: parco@islepark.it

Region : Tuscany
Province : Grosseto and Livorno
Municipalities : Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina , Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio, Rio Marina, Rio Elba; Capraia Isola; Lily island; Livorno.

Comunità Montana : Mountain Community of Elba and Capraia
Year of establishment : 1996, enlarged in 1997.
Surface : 17.694 hectares on land and 61.474 at sea.
Altitude : From sea level to 1018 m of Mount Capanne ( Island of Elba ).
Location : It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and consists of the seven major islands (Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona) and smaller islets .

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Legislation : First identification of the National Park with the Environment Ministerial Decree 21.7.1989 modified with the Environment Ministerial Decree 29.8.1990. Identified by the framework law on protected natural areas n. 394 of 6 December 1991. Establishment of the Park Authority with DPR 22.7.1996 and expansion with Ministerial Decree of the Environment 19.12.1997 for the marine area of ​​Pianosa.