APT Elba Island Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

APT Elba Island Public Agency for Tourism of the Tuscan Archipelago for promotional and information purposes.

The Project

The Web Network for Tourism and Services for the Island of Elba – a new technological challenge to launch the development and offers of the Island in an integrated system for citizens and tourists.

APT Elba Island Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

Thanks to a loan from the Tuscany Region through the Docup ob. 2 – Action 2.8.4. “Strengthening of the regional system of telematic and communication services for SMEs”, Confesercenti del Tirreno and Comunità Montana dell ‘ Archipelago Tuscany launch the project of “Integrated Telematic System “.

The system is managed by the APT of the Tuscan Archipelago as an institutional operator which guarantees its neutrality to all economic operators in the area.

APT Elba Island Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

The new portal represents an “intelligent navigator” available to citizens and tourists who, through the Internet, will be taken by the hand and guided in the great and very rich panorama of Elba’s offer in terms of quality tourism, reservations, review of the characteristics of every structure or locality, showcase of the places of production of typical products.

APT an Elban portal

An “intelligent” Elban portal, a navigator, in fact, that aggregates information by “reading” the needs of users and “serving” the tourist the calibrated mixture of information and instructions for use.

The visitor, even if only virtual, will then be encouraged to keep in touch with the Island, as a “privileged” user of continuous updates on the offer at his disposal, also through a “card of the Island of” Elba ” which will make him an aware virtual or non-virtual visitor of the island for the future.

APT Elba Island Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

Website: www.aptelba.it


Via Carducci, 150 – 57037 – Portoferraio – (LI)

Phone +39 0565 930727 – Fax +39 0565 916350 (Administrative Offices)

Phone +39 0565 914671 – Fax +39 0565 914672 (Tourist information)

Administration: amministrazione@aptelba.it

Secretariat: segreteria@aptelba.it

Tourist information: info@aptelba.it

Territory of competence: Elba, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa.

Annual Information Offices
Portoferraio Tourist Information Office

APT Elba Island Tourism Agency of the Tuscan Archipelago

Street address: Calata Italia, 43 – 57037 – Portoferraio (LI)

Phone: +39 0565 914671 – Fax +39 0565 914672

Website: www.aptelba.it

Timetable from 02 November 2009:

Monday -> Friday 09.00 – 13.00

Sundays and holidays: closed

Spoken languages: English, French, German.