Produced Elba Island

Produced Elba

Wine gastronomy, cuisine from the sea

The perfect finish for a visit of the Island of Elba is a taste of the local cuisine that derives from old traditions, different peoples, cultural exchanges and recipe trading. It is a treasure of authentic Elba flavors, a heritage of ancient wisdom and modern passion for strong flavors. Elba gastronomy is based on simple and healthy dishes, but with strong flavors and dominated by particular mixtures of fish and vegetable. Among the best and at the base of the island’s cuisine are Stoccafisso alla Riese (stockfish), Sburrita di Baccalà (cod), Zeri ammarinati Gurguglione (cooked zucchini, peppers and aubergines in tomato sauce) and Schiaccia Briaca (a particular bread).

Since always…wine

Vine cultivation has very ancient origins: many dry-stone walls have more than 3000 years. Pliny the Elder described the island of Elba as “the island that produces a lot of wine” and on its seabottom lie the wrecks of many boats full of wine amphoras.

The Medici and the Lorena protected vine cultivation and Napoleon ordered new vineyards. There are 7 Elba wines marked DOC (Appellation Contrôlée), a deserved reward for a millenary tradition.


Elba Island Produced

In the pages that follow gimmicks the description of various products of the Elba island:
chestnuts, mushrooms, honey, oil, fish, bread and sweets, schiaccia briaca.





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