Recipes from Elba

The most characteristic recipes of Elba

The best known and appreciated recipes from Elba are described in the following pages: Stockfish alla riese, Sburrita, Gurguglione, Schiacciunta and Frangette.

Frangette Elban

Elba recipes - Typical dishes of the Island of Elba

Prepaparion of Elba Frangette: Mix the flour well with the eggs, sugar and muscat. Working long is very important

Gurguglione elbano

Gurguglione Elba - Elba Island recipes

Gurguglione al Elbana, the peppers must be cleaned from the stem and cut into 4 parts, the aubergines and courgettes cut into large pieces

The recipe of Elba della Sburrita of baccalà

Preparation of the Sburrita di cod: cut the cod into the right thickness. Put a saucepan with cold water, one or two chillies on the fire

Stoccafisso alla Riese

Stockfish Riese In an earthenware casserole two glasses of oil, garlic, onion, parsley and chilli, then the stockfish

Schiacciunta recipe of Elba

The recipe of Schiacciunta: beat eggs, sugar and lard, yeast and lemon zest; knead with your hands.

Elba recipes - Typical dishes of the Island of Elba

Elba Briaca Crush

Schiaccia briaca from the Island of Elba a very special dessert, almost dry pasta, slightly leavened, without eggs and with pine nuts, raisins, dried fruit.