Seccheto, a town on the south side of the island with a small but beautiful beach. At 2 km we also find the beach of Cavoli well known by young people who make it their meeting point. Both offer various services.

Spiaggia di Seccheto Spiaggia di Seccheto
Seccheto Seccheto
Spiaggia di Seccheto Spiaggia di Seccheto
Seccheto Seccheto
Seccheto e Vallebuia Seccheto e Vallebuia
Spiaggia di Seccheto Spiaggia di Seccheto
Strand Seccheto Strand Seccheto

La Nave (granite sculpture)

La Nave , a granite sculpture found in the hills of Seccheto , is perhaps the most famous artifact of the entire area, mentioned in all the chronicles of travelers who have visited the Elba Island over the centuries.

From Berneaud’s Voyage to the Isle of Elba by Arsènne Thiébaut (1808):

Higher up I found a large vase that the Elban people call La Nave: it is the basin of half a fountain. The work is only sketchy; meanwhile the eye already discovers all the drawing that seemed light to me, however correct . “

Granite of Elba the quarries between Seccheto and San Piero

The Elba granite and its use in the most disparate fields cover much of the ancient history of the island. We find ashlars and drafts already used in very distant times, even prehistoric.
The worked stones are of granite, used in the tombs of the Piane delle Sughera and of Moncione (4,500 / 3,500 years ago); of granite are the shaped blocks that from 3,400-3,200 years ago characterized the base of the houses of Monte Giove.



Stree View

Aerial view