Municipality of Capoliveri Elba Island

Name inhabitants: Capoliveri
patron saint

Municipality of Capoliveri
Municipality of Capoliveri

San Rocco – 16th August

Population 4,000 inhabitants
Surface 39.56 km²
Density 100.93 ab./km²

Address Municipality:
Municipality of Capoliveri
Piazza del Cavatore 1
57031 Capoliveri LI

Switchboard +39 0565 967611
Fax +39 0565 968060
Municipal Police +39 0565 935200
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The municipality of Capoliveri is located in the southeastern part of Elba. The town faces a terrace on a ridge of Monte Calamita, 167 meters above sea level.

Capoliveri Square - Municipality of Capoliveri
Capoliveri Square

Its name and its origins date back to Roman times and Caput Liberi which meant Colle di Libero, this is sacred to Bacchus, it defined it as a place full of vineyards and excellent wine.

Places of historical and cultural interest are the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Fort Focardo, the Apse of the Chapel of St. Michael.
The main centers of the municipality of Capoliveri are: Lacona, Naregno, Lido, Pareti, Morcone, Innamorata and Cala Grande.

Fortress Focardo

Fortress Focardo Municipality of Capoliveri
Forte Focardo

It was built by the Spaniards in 1678 and served as a defense system for the Gulf of Mola. Today it belongs to the Navy.

Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie
The Latin-cross-shaped sanctuary with an oriental-style dome was built in the 16th century.

Monte Calamita
It rises to 413 meters s.l.m. on the peninsula of the same name on the southeastern side of the Elbe. The abundant presence of magnetite throughout the area has fueled the popular legends that attributed the causes of shipwrecks to the mineral that attracted the metal parts of the ships causing them to hit inexorably against the cliffs of Punta Calamita. Certainly it is because in these places the compass needle is greatly disturbed.

Municipality of Capoliveri

Abside di San Michele
It represents what remains of a medieval church in Pisan architecture. It is located just outside the village near an abandoned cemetery.
In 1376 Pope Gregory XI, during his return journey from Avignon to Rome, stopped at Capoliveri and celebrated mass in the Pieve di San Michele.

Capoliveri , Lacona , Innamorata, Lido, Madonna Delle Grazie, Mola, Morcone, Naregno, Norsi, Pareti, Peducelli, Trappola, Vigne Vecchie.

BaFelciaiorabarca (sand), Calanova (sand), (sand), Ferrato (sand), Innamorata (sand), Lacona (sand), Lido (sand), Madonna delle Grazie (sand and gravel) Margidore (sand and gravel), Morcone (sand), Naregno (sand), Norsi (sand), Walls (sand), Remaiolo (sand and gravel), Straccoligno (sand), Zuccale (sand).

Municipality of Capoliveri