Municipality of Marciana Marina Elba Island

Municipality of Marciana Marina

Municipality of Marciana Marina
Municipality of Marciana Marina

Name inhabitants: marinesi
Saint Patron Saint Clare – (is celebrated on August 12th)
Population 2,000 inhabitants
Surface 5.86 km²
Density 333.67 ab./km²

Address Town Hall:
Municipality of Marciana Marina
Viale G. Vadi 7
57033 Marciana Marina LI
Switchboard +39 0565 99002
Fax +39 0565 904321
Municipal Police +39 0565 904481
Email PEC
Institutional website:

This ancient fishing village is the smallest town in Tuscany and became autonomous in 1884, detaching itself from Marciana Alta.

Arranged in a semi-circle around an inlet on the north-west coast of Elba, the territory is limited to the coastal strip.

Marciana Marina

Borgo at Cotone ancient port of Marciana Marina - Municipality of Marciana Marina
Borgo at Cotone ancient port of Marciana Marina

The marina is a destination for sailing enthusiasts. Since the beginning of the century, Marciana Marina raised a true elite of long-time captains employed on all routes of the Atlantic. When the Elba was produced and exported salted tuna on this coast, one of the two tuna tanks on the island was operating.

Tuna fishing

Tuna fishing in the Bagno Municipality of Marciana Marina
Tuna fishing in the Bagno

They were located at various points along the Elba coast: Linguella, Bagnaia, Enfola, Marciana Marina. The island produced and exported a large quantity of salted tuna, sorra and bottarga.
The entrails of the tuna were instead consumed on the spot and constituted the base of the buzzamaglia (stewed with peas).
On June 24, 1958, the last mattanza was made at Enfola. The catch was 22 tons. On June 25 a very strong current “ammontinava” the tonnara, making a big ball of nets and cables. This led to the end of tuna fishing on Elba.

The Locations

Marciana Marina, Bagno, Le Sprizze, Camola, La Cala

The beaches

Redinoce beach, Le Sprizze beach, Bagno beach, La Crocetta beach, Marciana Marina beach, Fenicia beach, La Cala beach.

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