Elbalab Elba Island

Elbalab in Procchio
Elbalab was born in Procchio in 2009, on the island of Elba, cultural, social and environmental purposes.
Elbalab is a non-profit association formed by Angela Provenzali and Emilia Pignatelli who, although they come from different backgrounds and experiences, share the love for Elba and a similar sensitivity towards the cultural and environmental riches of the territory.

Elbalab was born in Procchio in 2005, with cultural, social and environmental purposes.

Association Elbalab
57030 Procchio
Isola d’Elba (LI)

Tel. +39 392 7950132
Tel. +39 392 7949841

Website: www.elbalab.it

E-mail: info@elbalab.it

It is a project intended for the enhancement, rediscovery and dissemination of the traditions and wealth of the territory through the following actions:

  • The creation of a multimedia archive, to collect, preserve and preserve documents that risk being lost forever, on the one hand carrying out research and acquisition, giving rise to a vehicle through which it will be It is possible to pass on stories and tales (a function that for centuries has occurred only through oral transmission) on the other hand by constituting a center for analysis, study, processing and production of audio, video, photographic and paper material.

  • A place of consultation and production center of materials and events that make the contents of the archive accessible to a public that is not only specialized. A place able to recreate the habit of a healthy and constructive aggregation, but above all a place where you can awaken curiosity, interest and love for culture and history a > of the territory.

  • An educational training center aimed at students. The first to benefit will be the Elban children, those unaware “victims” of a reality that over the years has undergone an increasingly evident process of abandonment, in an impoverished socio-cultural context and deprived of the fundamental rights of a healthy and correct path training, those children who experience the greatest discomfort in the forced condition of “isolation”, those children who are denied the possibility of accessing invisible rights: attention, stimuli, awareness, training, meeting places …, which precisely because they are invisible they are destined to be underestimated and forgotten, those young people forced to an almost total absence of proposals and cultural stimuli capable of creating curiosity and involvement.
  • an alternative tourist offer to the rediscovery of cultural and natural biodiversity for individuals, school trips and organized trips.

  • a coordination platform for:
    • Disseminate activities and proposals that already exist and operate locally
    • Setting up a production and consulting center for projects of territorial value
    • Assume the role of educational and tourist information point
    • To become a center of exchange and comparison for operators and associations in the area
    • To convey useful information and news for those who want to experiment and rediscover other ways of enjoying culture and tourism , but not only;
    • Recovery and tourist revival of local traditions: arts and crafts shops.
    • Search for excellence: artistic, cultural and handicraft proposals that find strength in their uniqueness.