City Napoleonic

The European Federation of City Napoleonic

Napoleonic cities, Napoleonic history has left its mark on our cities in France and Europe. This heritage deserves to be better known, better valued, better shared and better visited. Starting from this observation we wanted to create a Federation of European Cities of Napoleonic history.

European Federation of Napoleonic Cities

Napoleon and his Cities

In the action of this great man [Napoleon] we find the values ​​of the [French] Revolution, of the Century of Lights [of social openings], the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity that unite us. Enhancing the historical sites, encouraging historical research, promoting our museums and living culture, opening up to the citizens of our countries and Europe, means walking the paths complicated, contradictory and sometimes antagonistic through which these ideals have imposed themselves in Europe.

Dozens of European cities in this association

European Federation of Napoleonic Cities

The dozens of European cities united in the Cities association Napoleonic , wish to make a contribution to the promotion of their image, reviving an important page of their history and discovering how this past is common to them. Because the Napoleonic period allowed Europe to become aware of itself – both through accession and through opposition to the action of the small Corsican [Napoleon ] – and to adopt public institutions inspired by the philosophy of Lights [of social openings].

European history

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Our countries, our Europe, need to increase awareness of their roots in order to increase confidence in their abilities, to face the great challenges of their time. Our desire to better understand and enhance our cultural heritage is also intimately linked to our will to progress in the social and economic fields. The question of identity is at the heart of all the crises of our age. The changes of behavior necessary to face the problems of ecological solutions, of the development of sciences and techniques, of underdevelopment find support in Peace and also in reconciliation with one’s past.

In fact, as the saying goes, there is no future for those who do not know how to accept their history. That is why we began to gather around this important page of history, which had previously divided us.

Charle Napoléon
President of the Federation.

European Federation of Napoleonic Cities
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