Beaches of Elba Island

Cavoli Spiaggia Elba

The beaches Elba Island are more than 90 all very different beaches. In the map you find them with different icons according to the shape of the fund.

By placing the mouse over, you will see the image, the name, the bottom and the length. By clicking on it, you will access the complete page with photos and description.

Grigolo beach Portoferraio

Grigolo Beach

Grigolo Beach is located outside the wall of Portoferraio, immediately behind the Linguella Tower, and is considered more a garden ...
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Le Viste beach Portoferraio

The Viste Beach

Viste Beach is located on the North side of Portoferraio.The beach is located within the scoglietto fishing reserve (islet a ...
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Le Ghiaie beach Portoferraio

The Ghiaie Beach

The Ghiaie beach is very close to the center of Portoferraio, on the side opposite the port. Behind the beach ...
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Cala dei Frati beach Portoferraio

Cala dei Frati Beach

Cala dei Frati Beach the name seems to have come from the occasional descents of the monks who resided in ...
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Padulella beach  Portoferraio

Padulella Beach

Padulella Beach is situated between two spurs of white rock, of the same color as the pebbles which emphasize the ...
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The Capo Bianco beach Portoferraio

Capo Bianco Beach

Capo Bianco Beach the name comes from the point formed by the very white rocks, the same color as the ...
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Sottobomba beach Portoferraio

Sottobomba Beach

The beach of Sottobomba stands out like the other beaches in this area, due to the transparency of the water ...
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Seccione Beach or Prunini

Seccione Beach or Prunini

Seccione Beach a very peaceful beach, located in the Seccione locality. It is also called Prunini Beach. How to get ...
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Acquaviva beach

Acquaviva Beach

Acquaviva Beach is exposed to the North, and adjacent to the beach is a camping site: the ideal place for ...
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La Sorgente beach

Sorgente Beach

Sorgente Beach a beautiful and peaceful little white pebble beach that shows off the clarity of the water. How to ...
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Sansone beach

Sansone Beach

Sansone Beach this white pebble beach is always very peaceful, perhaps because it isn’t that easy to find. However, it’s ...
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Enfola Beach

The Enfola beach is located at the foot of the homonymous promontory, the hill is attached to the mainland by ...
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Pinetina Beach

The Pinetina beach is very small, but also very quiet, located within the beautiful Viticcio bay. How to get there ...
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Viticcio beach

Viticcio Beach

Viticcio Beach is located to the South of Enfola, and its gulf is the destination for many boats in search ...
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Forno Beach

Forno Beach

Forno Beach is the smallest of the three beaches in Biodola Gulf, with houses coming up to a few meters ...
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Porto Azzurro beach the Rossa

Porto Azzurro Beach

This small beach Porto Azzurro is found at the entrance to the town. How to get there The beach is ...
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Spiaggia di Barbarossa

Barbarossa Beach

The Barbarossa beach takes its name from the pirate Barbarossa, who seems to have used it as a dock on ...
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Reale beach

Reale Beach

The Reale beach is equipped with various infrastructures.. It can be pleasant to make an excursion to the nearby little ...
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Terranera lake and beach

Terranera Beach and Lake

Terranera Beach is made up of sand and dark gravel due to the mining origin. Behind the beach is the ...
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Ortano beach

Ortano Beach

The Ortano beach is furnished with numerous services. You can make an excursion to the island of the same name ...
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Elba Beach of Porticciolo Rio

Porticciolo Beach Rio Marina

The Porticciolo beach is a very quiet beach, formed of sand and gravel, particularly the rocks on both sides of ...
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Luisi d'Angelo beach Rio Marina

Luisi Angelo Beach

Luisi d’Angelo beach is a small beach not far from Rio Marina. Spiaggia Luisi d'Angelo Rio Marina How to get ...
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The Torre beach Rio Marina

Rio Marina Beach

The tiny little beach Rio Marina is overlooked by the clock tower, built by the Appiani in 1500. How to ...
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Naregno beach

Naregno Beach

Naregno Beach a big beach with a lot of infrastructure, only the long and narrow spur of Cala di Mola ...
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Topinetti beach

Topinetti Beach

Topinetti beach is formed of very black Sand and pebbles due to the huge quantities of minerals present in the ...
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Cala Seregola beach

Cala Seregola Beach

As with other beaches in this area it is formed of black Sand , due to the enormous amount of ...
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Fornacelle beach und Cala von Telegrafo

Fornacelle Beach und Cala von Telegrafo

Fornacelle beach is located in a small cove called Cala del Telegrafo. It is located in a little inlet in ...
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Cavo Beach

Cavo Beach

Cavo Beach is divided in two by the town; below is the photo of the left beach. How to get ...
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Capo Castello beach Frugoso

Capo Castello Beach Frugoso

It is the most Northerly Capo Castello beach (Frugoso ) on the island and the nearest to the continent, taking ...
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Nisportino beach

Nisportino Beach

A peaceful Nisportino beach located in a small locality of the same name. How to get there There are two ...
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Nisporto beach

Nisporto Beach

Nisporto beach is situated in a small locality and is at the disposal of various supporting establishments. How to get ...
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Bagnaia beach

Bagnaia Beach

Bagnaia beach is located in the little town in front of Portoferraio Bay. How to get there From Portoferraio you ...
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Ottone beach

Ottone Beach

The Ottone beach is divided in two by a boulder; on the left side of the photo you see Concia ...
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Magazzini beach

Magazzini Beach

The Magazzini beach is located on the side of the small town of the same name, with a beautiful view ...
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Schiopparello beach

Schiopparello Beach

The beach of Schiopparello is located inside the bay of Portoferraio. We find some services, very convenient parking a few ...
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Calanchiole beach

Calanchiole Beach

The beach of Calanchiole is small and particular, we find various services there. The beach is very convenient for customers ...
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Lido di Capoliveri beach

Lido di Capoliveri Beach

The Lido beach is situated inside the Gulf of Stella, in the Lido of Capoliveri locality that though not a ...
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Zuccale beach

Zuccale Beach

Zuccale Beach only the Sand stops the vegetation from meeting the sea, and keeps it one of the few beaches ...
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Felciaio beach

Felciaio Beach

Felciaio Beach is a very pretty and peaceful beach, with an artistic formation of rocks opposite the beach which makes ...
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The Norsi beach Lacona

Norsi Beach

The Norsi beach is located inside Stella Gulf. How to get there The Norsi beach is located 4.5 km from ...
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The Barabarca beach Capoliveri

Barabarca Beach

The Barabarca Beach is located below Capoliveri Town and is exposed to the South-West. How to get there 1 km ...
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Stecchi beach

Stecchi Beach

The Stecchi beach is a small beach with a high pier, once used to load the ore. How to get ...
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Madonna delle Grazie beach

Madonna delle Grazie Beach

Madonna delle Grazie Beach takes its name from the old and lovely sanctuary that is in the vicinity of the ...
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Peducelli Beach

Peducelli beach Capoliveri Elba Island How to get there Peducelli beach divided in two by a strip of rock formed ...
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Morcone beach

Morcone Beach

The Morcone Beach only a short piece of coast separates the beautiful beaches of Morcone and Pareti, both well-equipped for ...
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Pareti beach

Pareti Beach

This pretty Pareti beach, situated in the vicinity of Capoliveri, offers diverse services for tourism. Only a brief stretch of ...
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Innamorata beach

Innamorata Beach

The Innamorata beach is located very close to the Gemini Islands (see photo), the destination of many divers for its ...
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Remaiolo beach

Remaiolo Beach

The Remaiolo beach is located in the vicinity of an old cave, from which Pyrite was excavated, and which is ...
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Buzzancone Beach

The Buzzancone or Cera beach on the Monte Calamita ring (Capoliveri), a quiet and isolated beach can be reached on ...
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Istia Beach

Istia beach is a small little beach frequented by bathers. How to get there To reach Istia beach from Capoliveri ...
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Calanova beach

Calanova Beach

Calanova beach is located near Straccoligno below the village of Capoliveri. How to get there The beach of Calanova is ...
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Malpasso Beach

The Malpasso beach is the first of three small beaches (Istia Calanova and Malpasso) in the charming Calanova cove. How ...
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The Bay of Straccoligno

Ferrato Beach

Ferrato Beach is located in the vicinity of Capoliveri below the town of Capoliveri. Adjacent to the beach is the ...
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Straccoligno beach

Straccoligno Beach

Staccoligno Beach is a beautiful beach situated inside the Gulf of Cala Nuova to the East of Capoliveri. To the ...
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Capo Perla beach Straccoligno

Capo Perla Beach

The Capo Perla beach is located in a small cove, on the far left is Capo Focardo with its Fort ...
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Fenicia beach Marciana Marina

The Fenicia Beach

Fenicia Beach is located to the extreme left of the town. How to get there The beach is located behind ...
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The Cala beach Marciana Marina

The Cala Beach

Cala Beach is always very quiet, perhaps because it isn’t that easy to find or to reach. How to get ...
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Cotoncello beach Sant Andrea

Cotoncello Beach

Cotoncello Beach is a small Sand y beach bordered by smooth white rocks, situated in an unusual inlet that makes ...
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Sant Andrea

Sant Andrea Beach

Sant Andrea Beach smoothed by time, the rocks on the side of the beach are characteristic of the area. It’s ...
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Patresi beach - Fanale

Patresi Beach at Fanale

Patresi Beach is located between Marciana and Chiessi. Its beautiful sea-bed is much appreciated by diving enthusiasts. The beach is ...
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Chiessi beach

Chiessi Beach

Chiessi Beach is notable for smooth rocks, located to the side of the little beach. Well-known amongst surfers for the ...
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Pomonte beach

Pomonte Beach

In the town of Pomonte there are three beaches within a range of 1 km.In front of one of these ...
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Giardino beach Pomonte

Giardino Beach

The Giardino beach is quiet even in the height of the season. The path to reach it is immersed in ...
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Tombe beach Pomonte

Le Tombe Beach

The Tombe beach is located halfway between Pomonte and Fetovaia, an excellent place for those who love underwater fishing. The ...
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Fetovaia beach

Fetovaia Beach

Fetovaia is a beach beautifully of Elba, situated in a narrow inlet, especially appreciated by tourists. How to get there ...
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Seccheto beach

Seccheto Beach

The Seccheto beach is located at the foot of the town and the rocks are also popular, both in the ...
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Cavoli beach

Cavoli Beach

Cavoli Beach due to its Southern exposure, each year it’s one of the first beaches to be frequentated by swimmers ...
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Colle Palombaia beach

Colle Palombaia Beach

Palombaia Beach is also called “of the 100 steps”, this second name being due to the long granite stairway to ...
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Galenzana beach

Galenzana Beach

Galenzana Beach a very pretty beach and little frequented because it is only accessible by foot. How to get there ...
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Marina di Campo Beach

Marina di Campo Beach

Marina di Campo beach is the biggest beach on the Island, starting from the town and extending for 1500 m ...
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Fonza beach

Fonza Beach

The Fonza beach is quiet even in the height of the season, aided by a street that isn’t easy to ...
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Laconella beach

Laconella Beach

The Laconella beach is located in a fantastic inlet inside the gulf of Lacona Elba Island. How to get there ...
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Lacona beach

Lacona Beach

The Lacona beach, situated in the gulf of its namesake, is one of the biggest on the island and is ...
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Margidore beach

Margidore Beach

Margidore Beach is situated in Stella Gulf, it is considered the second beach of Lacona, from which it is only ...
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The Acquarilli beach Lacona

Acquarilli Beach

Acquarilli Beach is located in a pleasant inlet, but is snubbed by tourists due to the difficult path to reach ...
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Lamaia Beach

The Beach of the Lamaia is a small empty beach due to the difficulty to reach it. How to get ...
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Porticciolo beach Procchio

Porticciolo Beach

The beach of the Porticciolo is a small isolated beach, it can only be reached on foot via a path ...
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Small beach Guardiola Procchio

The small Beach of Guardiola

The small beach of Guardiola, a characteristic and unique inlet. Very popular in the low season, as the bay is ...
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Sunset at the Guardiola gives us beautiful colors

The Guardiola Beach

La Guardiola beach, is located to the right of Procchio beach and is a natural shelter for boats. We find ...
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Campo Aia Beach Procchio

Campo Aia Beach

The beach at Campo Aia takes its name from the town, it is always part of the Procchio beach. It ...
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Procchio and Campo Aia beach

Procchio Beach

Procchio beach is one of the largest and prettiest beaches on the island, and is divided over three localities: Procchio, ...
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Spartaia beach Procchio

Spartaia Beach

Spartaia Beach is located in a narrow inlet between the beaches of Procchio and Paolina. How to get there The ...
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Islet of the Paolina Procchio

Paolina Beach

Paolina Beach they say that Paolina, Napoleone‘s sister, used to come here to sunbathe, from which the beach took its ...
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Redinoce beach Procchio

Redinoce Beach

The beach of Redinoce is formed by quite large stones, for this reason it is not very comfortable for bathers ...
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Stretch of coast Le Sprizze Procchio

The Sprizze Beach

The Sprizze beach is located between Procchio and Marciana Marina and is always very peaceful. It is accessed by following ...
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The beach of Bagno ex Tonnara

Bagno Beach

One of the two tuna factories on the island used to be located here, now closed since 1953-55. The beach ...
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Crocetta beach  Marciana Marina

The Crocetta Beach

Crocetta Beach a tiny little beach also visible from the street, from where this photo was taken. How to get ...
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Marciana Marina beach

Marciana Marina Beach

Marciana Marina beach is located on the main street of the town: it is made up of pebbles and stones ...
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Gulf of Biodola

Biodola Beach

Biodola beach is one of the prettiest beaches on the Elba island. It is separated from Scaglieri beach by some ...
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Scaglieri beach

Scaglieri Beach

Scaglieri beach is a small and pretty beach in the Biodola Gulf. There are two restaurants, a bathing establishment and ...
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