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The club was founded in 1986 and was initially called Legambiente Elba , after a period of crisis it transformed in the 90s into Circolo Elba Ovest and then returned to a larger dimension taking the name of Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano and becoming one of the best-known Green Swan clubs in Italy for its dossiers, complaints and campaigns often followed by the national press and for the seriousness with which it faces problems .

Legambiente Tuscan Archipelago - Elba Island

A Legambiente club that has been able to carve out a great role in the cultural and political life of the Tuscan Islands, which is confronted daily with the Local Administrations, with the economic and cultural world and which has been able to develop information, voluntary, denunciation and enhancement that have often had national and international prominence.

By now in the Tuscan Archipelago Legambiente is synonymous with “environmentalist” and the Association and its members are considered the “Guardians of the Environment” of our islands, an important recognition but also a great responsibility that needs a lot of commitment and new Strength.

Legambiente Arcipelago Toscano is the best known, active and present Association of the Tuscan Archipelago

Elba nature forest

Over 100 members, scattered in 10 municipalities and two provinces (Livorno and Grosseto), active mainly in the Elba , where the Circolo Tuscan Archipelago strong > is based, and with a local group on the small island of Giannutri, give life to an active and combative club, committed to illegal building and marine pollution, for the defense of fauna, flora and the marine environment, coastal protection, sustainable tourism, enhancement of the seven islands ( Elba , Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri) of the rocks and islets that form the Tuscan Archipelago , for the support of the National Park, born among a thousand controversy but which has now become a concrete reality also thanks to the courage with which Legambiente (often alone) defended the idea of ​​establishing a protected area unique in the world, the area largest protected marina in the Mediterranean.


Legambiente is an Italian environmental association heir to the first ecological nuclei and the anti-nuclear movement that it developed in Italy and throughout the western world in the second half of the seventies. Founded in 1980 within the ARCI, from which it subsequently became independent, it was initially known as the League for the Environment

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