Municipality of Rio in Elba – Elba Island

Municipality of Rio in Elba
Municipality of Rio in Elba

Name inhabitants riesi

Saint Patron Saint James – July 25th
Population 1,200 inhabitants
Surface 16,62 km²
Density 70.98 ab./km²

Address Town Hall:
Municipality of Rio Elba
Via Garibaldi 38
57039 Rio nell’Elba LI
Switchboard +39 0565 943411
Fax +39 0565 943021
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The municipality of Rio nell’Elba, famous for its iron mines dating back to the Etruscan age, was the mining center of the island until the closure of the deposits. The town of Rio Elba is perched on a hill about 170 meters above sea level, on the north-eastern side of the Elbe.

Municipality of Rio in Elba

Among the oldest countries of the island, with origins in the Bronze Age, it preserves numerous traces of its past and among these there are also marine archaeological finds.

A large variety of minerals is exhibited in the local People’s Museum of Rio. Other places of historical and cultural interest are the Volterraio Castle, the Parish Church of S.S.Giacomo and Quirico, the Oratory of S.Caterina and the Church of the Holy Trinity. The islet of Cerboli is part of the municipal territory.

Rio Elba
Parish Church S.S.Giacomo e Quirico
Built in the eleventh century, it has been repeatedly destroyed by pirates and rebuilt.
Today the external structure is Renaissance, while the internal structure is decidedly baroque.

Church of Santa Caterina

Sanctuary of Santa Caterina - Municipality of Rio in Elba

This small 16th century sanctuary with a hermitage is located on the road to Nisporto near the ancient Grassera, a medieval village destroyed by the Turkish pirates in 1500.
Easter Monday, the day in which the apparition of the saint is celebrated, is the custom of eating dried figs as a sign of devotion.

Volterraio Castle

Volterraio Castle - Municipality of Rio Elba

This Pisan fortress dating back to the eleventh century was built on the ruins of an Etruscan acropolis. Perched on a cliff 380 meters high overlooking the bay of Portoferraio. Si reach along the road that connects Rio Elba to Magazzini.

The locations

Bagnaia, Nisporto, Nisportino

Nisportino beach, Nisporto beach, Bagnaia beach, Le Secche beach and Mangani beach

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