Elba Sail

Sailing ship at anchor in the Gulf of Procchio

Sailing on the Island of Elba

Sailing on the Island of Elba is a unique sensation, the morphology of the coast changes at each inlet, mighty fortresses on the sea, a continuous discovery. Beautiful bays where the intense blue of the sea and the green of the rich Mediterranean vegetation make us a pleasant sense of well-being on the island.

The sea changes color at each inlet, now it breaks on white cliffs or laps wide beaches of golden sand, later it embraces white gravel beaches.

Navigation gives the sailor strong emotions with gentle winds, with enchanted landscapes, with bottoms that are pulsating with life.

Tourist landing places for sailing boats on Elba

The Elba coast is also dotted with numerous ports and public and private tourist landings, equipped with first-rate services and technologies, nautical centers equipped for the rental of sailing yachts and sailing schools FIV conducted by old sea wolves.

Sailing Club Porto Azzurro Elba Island

Elba Island Sailing Centers

Elba Sailing school

Portoferraio Naval League sailing Elba Island

SPORT: Italian Naval League section. of Portoferraio The Italian Naval League, a recognized moral body and with the patronage of ...
Sail Elba Island

Sail Marciana Marina Elba Island sports club

Sailing club Marciana Marina sport Island of Elba The Marciana Marina Sailing Club contributes to the dissemination, knowledge and practice ...
Sail Elba Island

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island Elba Sailing Center born in 1956 when a group of enthusiasts, mostly ...
Comitato Circoli Velici Isola d'Elba

Sailing clubs Elba – Elba Island Committee

Sailing clubs Elba Committee Sailing clubs Elba, it is a Committee formed between 9 sailing clubs of Elba in order ...
Club del Mare Marina di Campo sailing Elba Island

Club del Mare Sailing in Marina di Campo

Club del Mare amateur sports association affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation (since 1967) The Club del Mare was founded ...
Sail the Guardiola Procchio

Procchio Sailing School La Guardiola

La Guardiola ASD Nautical sailing school in Procchio Procchio La Guardiola sailing school, with an increasing number of people infected ...
Sailing School Rio Marina Utopia Elba Island

Rio Marina Sailing School Utopia

SPORT: Utopia Sailing School in Cavo Rio Marina Rio Marina Scuola Vela Utopia in Cavo , you can be more ...
Sailing Elba Island

Segelschule Elba Charter Sailing School

The Segelschule Elba Charter Sailing School Segelschule Elba Charter exercised since 1981, many sailing enthusiasts have experienced a thousand sensations ...
Sailing Elba Island

Sailing Capoliveri Sailing Club Elba Island

Sailing Club Capoliveri Elba Sailing in Capoliveri with Il Sailing Club Capoliveri was born in 2002 and is located within ...
Sail Island of Elba

Sail Cavo Nautical Club of Elba

Nautical Club Cavo sailing on the Island of Elba Sailing on the Cavo with the Circolo Nautico Cavo , the ...
Sailing Elba Island

Sailing club Porto Azzurro Sport Elba island

Sailing club Porto Azzurro sailing on the island Sail Porto Azzurro in the enchanting village located on the east coast ...
San Giovanni nautical club sailing Elba Island

Circolo Nautico San Giovanni Elba Island

Nautical Club San Giovanni Portoferraio The San Giovanni Nautical Club was founded in the 80s by the will of a ...

Other sailing centers on Elba and sailing courses


Club del Mare Marina di Campo 0565 976942
Sailing center. FIV sailing courses

Zephyr Windsurf School
Marina di Campo 338 9048348
Windsurfing courses


Alhoa Lido 347 4969219
Sailing courses and windsurf

Naregno sailing center Naregno 0565 968764
Sailing and windsurfing school

Sailing club Capoliveri Loc. Naregno 347 9794990
Circolo velico

Free Time Surf School
Margidore 328 9520743
School windsurf

Mandel 2 Morcone 0565 935030
School windsurf


Nautical club “La Guardiola”
Procchio 0565 907303
Sailing center

Daniele Rent S. Andrea 0565 908173
School windsurf

Segelschule Elba Campo all’ Aia 334 3793949
Sailing courses.


Sailing club Marciana Marina 0565 99027
Sailing center. Sailing courses on dinghies


Sailing club Porto Azzurro Porto Azzurro 0565 957867
Sailing center. Sailing courses – associato FIV e CONI

Reale Boat Service Porto Azzurro 0565 920175
Windsurfing school and sailing courses

Spazio Mare Porto Azzurro – spiaggia La Rossa 0565 95112
School sailing dinghies and cabin cruisers


Bartolini Yachting San Giovanni and Biodola 0565 916957
Nautical school (nautical licenses). Sailing school (FIV instructors). Yacht charter. Sailing courses: basic, advanced (cabin cruisers / dinghies), offshore, regatta (cabin cruisers). Windsurfing and sailing school (seasonal) at the Biodola beach

Casa di vela Schiopparello 0565 933265
Sailing courses

Nautical club “San Giovanni”
San Giovanni 0565 917165
Sailing center

DHH – Yachtschule Elba
Le Grotte 0565 933329
Sailing courses

Elba Magazzini 0565 933288
Sailing courses

Lega Navale Portoferraio 0565 917744
Sailing center. Sailing courses FIV

Segelzentrum Elba
Bagnaia 0565 961090
Sailing courses

Sportbootschule Loc. Enfola 346 3673043
Courses of sailing, catamaran, hobie-cat, nautical school, nautical licenses.


Elban sailing center Rio Marina 0565 962023
Sailing center. FIV sailing courses

Sailing club Cavo Cavo 0565 949634
Sailing center

Sailing school Utopia Cavo 0565 931912
Sailing courses and cruises from May to October