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La Guardiola Nautical Association Sailing Course on Elba

Procchio La Guardiola sailing school, with an increasing number of people infected by the beauty of the sea, they are approaching sailing; expression of freedom and humility that helps to develop the ability to relate to nature and to others. Love of the sea, well-being and enthusiasm are the key points of the sailing school in Procchio of the Guardiola . The activity is coordinated by federal instructors and follows the programs of the Italian Sailing Federation.

The practice of sport, which provides about eighty percent of the time at sea, is supported by theory lessons. In fact, if we consider learning a dynamic and interpersonal process between instructor and student, the teaching method adopted by our sailing school acquires primordial importance.

The sail in reference to the ages

Procchio La Guardiola sailing course for children on optimist

The method that we believe to be the most effective, for learning to sail in reference to various ages, is based on the proposal, by the instructor, of situations that can be easily solved by the student, who is stimulated to seek answers to the problems that arise. are presented. In this way the technical aspects concerning the management of a sailboat are taught gradually, but in the most exact way possible. This method we have adopted is that of the Italian Sailing Federation which requires participation and responsibility on the part of the pupil.
Furthermore, the number of participants in the sailing school of Procchio is limited for greater individual care; each student is in fact considered in his diversity and singularity and thus led to a good level of knowledge of the boat and safety at sea.

Procchio La Guardiola sailing course for children on optimist

La Guardiola Procchio

Procchio Sailing School La Guardiola” therefore aims to promote sailing as a philosophy of life and intends to lead students from the first edges, to complete autonomy at sea, up to competitive activity.

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