Club del Mare Sailing in Marina di Campo

Club del Mare amateur sports association affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation (since 1967)

The Club del Mare was founded in 1966 on the initiative of a group of sailing enthusiasts, the following year it obtained the affiliation to Italian Sailing Federation . After a few years the club establishes its headquarters in a structure at the west end of the beach of Marina di Campo .

<strong> Regatta course </strong>: takes place over 2 afternoons (Saturday and Sunday) for 3 hours a day.

Since its origin, the Club has been configured as a non-profit and completely apolitical association, aimed exclusively at the promotion and teaching of the sport of sailing.

Club del Mare sports association

The current statute, updated in 1998 and later also in May 2005, strongly reaffirmed these ideals by governing the organization and functioning of the association. In compliance with article 90 of Law 289/2002, the shareholders’ meeting of 18 August 2004 had provided, pursuant to article 90, paragraph 18-ter of Law 289/2002, to integrate the company name adding the term amateur sports association, therefore the association has taken the name of “Club del Mare amateur sports association” , this modification was subsequently ratified by the extraordinary assembly of 27 May 2005.

Birth of the sailing school

To achieve the statutory objectives in 1974 the sailing school was born. Over the course of over thirty years of activity, the school has addressed both tourists and residents, preparing numerous athletes for competitive activity, obtaining valuable results in many sailing classes, including 2nd place at the 1991 Laser Radial Italian Championship. and 5th place at the Italian Junior Laser Standard Championship of Francesco several .

Competitive results

Finally, it is necessary to mention the main results obtained at an international competitive level by our partner Luca Bontempelli such as 2nd place at the Admiral Cup on Brava in 1983, 1st place in the famous Fastnet regatta in 1983. , 1st place in the 12-meter world championship on Victory in 1984, participation in the America’s Cup on Italia 2 in 1987, 2nd place in the European championship in the Star class in 1987, 2nd place in the Olympic selection of the Soling class together to the Chieffi brothers in 1988, and finally the gold medal for athletic prowess attributed to him by CONI Today Luca is one of the most successful and above all competent sailing sports journalists in Italy.

Italian sailing championships at the Club del Mare

Sailing competition

Parallel to this activity, the club has organized some Italian sailing championships, among the most important those of the Strale (1983), Vaurien (1985), FJ (1989 and 1995), Mattia Esse (1992), Laser2 (2000), Laser 4000 (2000), Laser Standard (2001), and Europa (2001), and numerous zonal regattas. In September 2005, the Club del Mare will organize the Italian Championship in the Laser class, Master category.

The Club del Mare now has over 500 members, many of whom actively carry out the activity of sailing . In particular, the club has three competitive teams: Optimist (about 10 between boys and girls), Laser 4.7 and Radial (6-7 members) and Match-race (Locman Sailing Team). The results achieved in recent years by the competitive teams have been valuable. On a national level, in particular, we remember the victory of Fabrizio Calisi at the Accademia Trophy in 2002 and 2005 in the Laser 4.7 class and the 4th place at the Primavela Cup of the same year and the 6th place of Giovanni Segnini at the Italian Match-Race Championship of the 2003 and the 7th to that of 2004. At the zonal level the results were even more evident, numerous victories and placings of our boys in the various regattas of our region. Also in the 2005 season our youth agonistic teams will take part in the major events at a zonal and national level in the Laser and Optimist classes.

Sailing in the schools of Marina di Campo

Since the year 2000 the club has brought sailing teaching to the schools of the Municipality of Campo nell’Elba by organizing sailing courses during the winter directly in the classrooms of the schools, obtaining excellent results, just think that this summer over 30 children they continued their theoretical activity at school by participating in a sailing course at our club. For the excellent and incomparable activity carried out in the schools, a heartfelt thanks goes to the National Judge Pieragusto Giannoni who has done his utmost in this activity over the last few years and who has already started the sailing courses of the year 2005. Another heartfelt thanks goes to the prestigious LOCMAN ITALY watch house, which actively contributed to the realization of this project aimed at bringing the practice of sailing directly to schools

Sailing race

In order to better develop the competitive activity, the Club del Mare has been equipped since 2000 with a minibus and a trolley for the transport of boats and crews and, since September 2003, has ensured collaboration of a valid instructor of sailing (Marco Palmi) who, throughout the year, takes care of training and accompanies the youth competitive teams to the regattas.

As regards the competitive activity, our partner Luca Trentini deserves a special mention, who participated in 2004 with his open 30 ′, sponsored by LOCMAN ITALY, in the famous ocean regatta “Transat des Alisee” obtaining an excellent 2nd place

Year 2009

Our sailing school takes place on the following dinghies: Trident, Optimist, L’Equipe, 420e FJ.

The Trident is a boat that allows you to carry out the course for beginners in absolute safety because on board with the students (from 2 to 5 per boat) there is always an instructor or his collaborator.
The Optimist is The Equipe, on the other hand, are boats that are used for the course aimed at children under 15 who have already attended the beginners course or who in any case already have sufficient sailing experience.
Finally, the 420 and the FJ are two boats , technically very complete, used for the advanced course aimed at adults.
The sailing course is held by expert instructors accredited by the Italian Sailing Federation.

<strong> Regatta course </strong>: takes place over 2 afternoons (Saturday and Sunday) for 3 hours a day.

Course for beginners : takes place over 5 mornings (Monday to Friday) for 3.5 hours a day of lessons which include a theoretical part on the ground, at the club headquarters, and a phase practice at sea;

Intermediate course : it takes place over 5 afternoons (from Monday to Friday) for 3.5 hours a day according to the same modalities as the course for beginners;

Advanced course : takes place over 5 afternoons (from Monday to Friday) in addition to Saturday morning for 2 hours a day;

Regatta course : takes place over 2 afternoons (Saturday and Sunday) for 3 hours a day.

<strong> Regatta course </strong>: takes place over 2 afternoons (Saturday and Sunday) for 3 hours a day.

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