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Sailing Club Capoliveri

Sailing in Capoliveri with Il Sailing Club Capoliveri was born in 2002 and is located within the already existing sailing, windsurfing and catamaran school “Centro Velico Naregno located on the homonymous beach of Naregno in the municipality of Capoliveri.

Since 2003, Sailing Club Capoliveri has been a sailing school authorized by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV ) and mainly deals with sailing courses for children aged 7/8 up to 15/16. Thanks to the large space of the school that hosts us – 3000 square meters of private land facing the sea – children experience lessons on land in maximum safety.

Sailing Club Capoliveri

The bay of Naregno, on the east coast of the island, is sheltered by two small promontories – Capo Focardo with its lighthouse on the right and Punta della Princess on the left – which protect it from the predominant winds of Mistral and Scirocco, this allows you to live in the maximum safety even during lessons in the water.

In addition to the favorable logistical position, the Sailing Club of Capoliveri also has qualified instructors and age-appropriate equipment, with the carrying out of games and small regattas, contributing to the achievement of the main objective which is not only the learning of sailing but also to learn to know and respect the sea.


They start with the closure of the schools in June until the reopening of September. The courses for residents are held monthly and last three days a week for three hours a day.

Courses for tourists take place in either one or two weeks, depending on your needs and the club’s availability, you can choose whether to attend the sailing course every day or every other day.

Sailing trips in the waters of Naregno, the sea of ​​Capoliveri

In the interior space, the children will prepare the boat and the instructor will explain what they have to do, after which they will go out to sea or immediately aboard the sailing boats as helmsmen or as bowmen otherwise together with the instructor on the rubber dinghy. Based on their abilities and psychophysical development, the most suitable boat will be chosen.

Sailing Club Capoliveri

The sailing club in Capoliveri uses: the tridents, when the instructor goes out to sea with several children making them alternate in the various tasks, the optimists, for the more independent children, the Pico lasers, excellent double that is conducted in maximum safety for the beginners or already autonomous children who prefer sailing in company, the fj, for the older ones who love double or the 4.7 or radial lasers, for the more experienced ones who they love the single.

During the season the kids who want to can participate in the sailing regattas of the elbano championship (circuit of which our club is also part) therefore in addition to the normal teaching didactics, the aspect of racing tactics and strategy will not be underestimated.

Sailing Club Capoliveri
Spiaggia di Naregno
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Elba Island Italy

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