Sail Marciana Marina Elba Island sports club

Sailing club Marciana Marina sport Island of Elba

Marciana Marina Sailing Club Elba Island

The Marciana Marina Sailing Club contributes to the dissemination, knowledge and practice of sailing, rowing, sport fishing and underwater sports: for this reason the sports section has always been very active and the CVMM is greatly recognized in the world of sea sports. .

The CVMM is affiliated for the various sports practiced to the National Sports Federations members of CONI; in addition to organizing regattas in person or in collaboration with other Elban clubs, it is organized with a permanent sailing school.
In addition to regattas, the club organizes offshore cruises, events and events useful for maintaining and increasing Marciana Marina .

Moorings in Marciana Marina

Marciana Marina Sailing Club Elba Island

The CVMM also provides its Members with the management of port services both on land and at sea, including the organization and supply of mooring services, the management of bars and restaurants.
It also contributes to the development of tourism nautical in Marciana Marina and in the Tuscan Archipelago and provides assistance to Italian and foreign nautical tourists who touch the port of Marciana Marina.

Permanent Sailing School

The Sailing Club Marciana Marina is organized with a permanent Sailing School which provides summer courses, competitive assistance and courses in connection with local schools. The operational headquarters is equipped with changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, equipment department, workshop, boat storage and room for theoretical lessons.

Elba Sailing Club Marciana Marina

The courses are held on boats such as Dinghies, OPTIMIST Classes, FLYING JUNIOR, L’EQUIPE, 420, with the availability of inflatable boats for assistance at sea. The summer courses, weekly (from Monday to Saturday) are divided into various levels.

PS Comfortable clothing suitable for the season is recommended. To attend sailing courses in Marciana Marina , a Medical Certificate is essential, for non-competitive sporting activities, valid for the current year.

The daily lessons are divided into two parts:
PRACTICE: During this first part, the course participants will be taught the fundamental elements of sailing. (About 30 min.)
THEORY: For the deepening of the technical notions and the improvement of mamovre at sea. (About 3 hours)

Marciana Marina Sailing Club Elba Island

Marciana Marina Sailing Club
Amateur Sports Association
Viale Regina Margherita, 52
57033 Marciana Marina (LI)
Elba Island

tel. +39 0565 99027
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