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SPORT: Utopia Sailing School in Cavo Rio Marina

Rio Marina Utopia Sailing School Elba Island

Rio Marina Scuola Vela Utopia in Cavo , you can be more talented or less talented, you can be more or less young, but everyone can learn to sail .
Saying Vela is a bit like saying Bicycle, there is the one for walking, the one for racing, the mountain byke, the tandem, the one with the motor, the one with wheels, the Graziella. You pedal, but there is something for all tastes.
With the Basic Course, an initial and indispensable step, in addition to learning the fundamental principles of sailing, terminology, knots, winds, first maneuvers, you can do a he idea of ​​the types of boats and the different approaches that can be had in order to evaluate how to continue.
Since 2007 Utopia offers two educational paths, which are not mutually exclusive, but allow the student to choose according to his own attitude .
The proposed course levels, without excluding the necessary navigation practice, follow a correct didactic progression with the aim of bringing the student to complete autonomy and mastery of the vehicle.

The possible routes of the sailing schools

Rio Marina Utopia Sailing School Elba Island

Utopia presents two new types of routes:
Light Sailing Route. To navigate even better on the drifts.
Cruise Route. To get to navigate in a autonomous as yachtsmen aboard sailing cabin cruisers.
Each of these routes begins with the Basic Course1 and / or with the Scuola di Mare course, common base in all to start.

The Didactics of Rio Marina and Cavo

The teaching at the base provides on average two short introductory lessons a day of the topics that will then be developed practically at sea. In the middle of the course, evening checks will be held for further information or questions.

Rio Marina Utopia Sailing School Elba Island

During navigation there will be a daily theoretical lesson followed by constant checks.
On the sea the weather conditions have a particular importance. Throughout your career as a navigator, meteorology will always influence choices and decisions. Therefore, the weather changes will be carefully followed, both on the base and on the cruise, and the decisions established by the base captain or the skipper will always be applied.

Scuola Vela Utopia a Rio Marina
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