Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

Elba Sailing Center born in 1956 when a group of enthusiasts, mostly miners of the Elba mines, with few means and little experience, but a great desire to work and a lot of love for sailing and the sea, founded the Center Elba sailing.

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

The first partners with the fruits of a self-taxation built the first national drift “S”; the boats were made in house, the work of artisans, in most cases, they were also the helmsmen.

Rio Marina is the first company on the Island of Elba affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

Today, after more than 50 years, the Centro Velico Elbano of Rio Marina (first company of the ‘Isola d’Elba affiliated to USVI, today Italian Sailing Federation ) has grown, organizes sailing events of significant importance, has made itself appreciated nationally and international, it has been organizing sailing courses continuously since 1961 (old Olimpia Courses) and also has its own periodical “La Piaggia” which is a further demonstration of the level reached. Over the years, its athletes have won national and international titles and other important achievements.

Its 1050 members (of which 100 registered with FIV), the continuous increase in the budget data, the interest and consent that accompany each initiative, are elements that bring the Centro Velico Elbano to the top of the hypothetical ranking of national sailing clubs. .

Elba’s love for sailing

Elbas Sailing Center in Rio Marina Elba Island

Going back on the path traveled, we realize that the love for the sea and the passion for sailing, the indefatigable desire to work, the spirit of sacrifice, the pleasure and emotion of assisting have remained unchanged. to the spectacle of sails on the sea.

Perhaps this is precisely the success of the Sailing Elbano Center: having maintained certain original characteristics of genuineness and enthusiasm, generosity and passion, having continued to represent the soul and the very life of Rio Marina , a small town in Elba to which it is closely linked.

At the same time it has gradually transformed and has reached reasons and ambitious competitive and organizational goals.

Sailing center. Sailing courses FIV (Italian Sailing Federation).

Centro Velico Elbano
Lungomare Marconi, 38
Rio Marina 57038
(LI) Elba Island

tel. +39 0565 962023 – +39 0565 962566

Website: www.centrovelicoelbano.it
E-mail: info@centrovelicoelbano.it