Gurguglione recipe from Elba

Gurguglione recipes Elbane Island of Elba

Ingredients: A large onion, 800 g of green, yellow and red peppers, 3 large aubergines, 2 courgettes, basil, parsley, 600 g of ripe tomatoes. For its perfect success it is necessary to use fresh vegetables.

Preparation of Gurguglione Elbano: the peppers are cleaned from the stem and cut into 4 parts, the aubergines and courgettes cut into rather large pieces, the pomade (tomatoes) coarsely chopped. Cut the onion into thin slices. In an iron pan, pour all the vegetables into two glasses of oil with a pinch of salt, chopped basil and parsley. Cover the pan and cook the Gurguglione Elbano, first over high heat and then moderate, always covered, so that the vegetables cook in their liquid. Serve piping hot.