Aleatico of the Elba a fine passito from the island

Aleatico of the Elba has an intense ruby ​​red color with violet reflections in the early years and can take on amber shades after a few years of aging in the bottle.

Aleatico of the Elba red wine

Known for centuries, aleatico is a black grape variety of remote cultivation. According to Cosimo Trinci, it was introduced by the Greeks in Italy, in particular in Puglia and Lazio.

According to many, it is probably a mutation of the Tuscan black Moscato. Several DOC wines are produced, particularly in Tuscany.

Wine from Elba Aleatico, (Vini Elbani)

The Aleatico of Elba is a wine with distinctive, decisive and very persistent aromas: clear is the scent of undergrowth, rose and black cherry, with a soft taste and velvety, the initial sweet sensation gives way to a persistent note of black cherries, jam and dried fruit.

Aleatico of the Elba red wine

The Aleatico is the native grape variety par excellence of the island, it has a delicate and thin skin, has a very low yield. It goes wonderfully with schiaccia briaca , a dry dessert, typical of the Elba island made with raisins, pine nuts and dried fruit.