Roman Villa of Linguella

The Villa from the Linguella of Villa Marittima Romana

The Villa from the Linguella is a typical example of a Roman Maritime villa, that is to say a coastal residential complex of the Roman upper class, aimed both at the control of property and interests of the owners, and more evidently, at the otium of the same.

The complex’s first layout dates back to the late republic or early empire (1st century BC – 1st century AD) and must have extended to the sea which submerges its offshoots, also with its own piers and mooring docks. The plan of the elban villa is not easily readable, as it was partially upset by the construction of the Medici fortifications. The visible environments are in fact distributed in two distinct areas, separated by access to the Torre del Martello. Relatively little evidence remains of the first building phase, including the remains of a thermal environment, the laconicum (sauna recognizable in the circular room with four apses).

Floored in earthenware and marble

The room, partially erased by the current road, was paved in cocciopesto with inserts of hexagonal marble tiles arranged in a radial pattern. The first renovations date back to the 2nd century AD, when some rooms were added to the residential area, including a triclinium (banquet hall). The rich colored mosaic floors adjacent to the spa environments belong to this phase. At the beginning of the 3rd century AD the complex underwent significant renovations, characterized by a rich decorative program. In fact, rooms with marble inlay floors (opus septile) were created. The villa saw its decline and abandonment like most residential complexes of this type, during the 5th century AD

360° View

360 ° View of the Roman Villa of Linguella


How to reach the Villa Romana of the Linguella

The Villa of Linguella is located at the extreme tip of the tourist port of Portoferraio . In the summer the area is limited to traffic, if we arrive by car, we can park outside the historic center, where there is a large parking lot.