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The Circolo Subacquei Teseo Tesei was founded in February 1962 by the will of Luigi Raffaelli, Carlo Gasparri and Giuseppino Angeli, almost by chance, when the three find themselves called to assist a group of divers who would have visited the wreck of the Sgarallino, the Circolo was baptized by a great figure of FIPSAS history; Cesare Giachini from Livorno.

The name was chosen in memory of a diving pioneer, Elban Teseo Tesei, officer of the Naval Engineers, hero of the Second World War and inventor of the slow running torpedo (pig diver) with whom he performed his exploits.

Teseo Tesei and Sport

The sporting successes of the club began in the same year of its foundation with the victory of Raffaelli in the Italian Spearfishing Championship of the second category.
Between 1964 and 1974 Carlo Gasparri dominated the Italian Spearfishing Championship of the first category, always keeping in the first two positions.
In eleven championships he conquered five first and six second places, putting in line great divers such as Ripa, Bernardi, Toschi, Bencini, Scarpati, Treleani, Jannuzzi.
Among Gasparri’s successes there are besides a world title and three European team titles.
Gasparri’s competitive activity ceased and after a short interval of just two years a new cycle of great successes began for Tesei.

Renzo Mazzarri’s world title arrives at Teseo Tesei for three consecutive times

In 1977 Renzo Mazzarri made his debut at the Italian Championships finishing in second place. Between 1987 and 1992 Mazzarri accomplished a feat that no one else has ever achieved by winning three consecutive world titles. His successes also include three world team titles, one individual European title and two team titles, two individual European Cup victories and four team victories.

Other Victories of Teseo Tesei

Circolo Underwater Teseo Tesei Elba Island, in the photo Claudio Niccolai, Nedo Giusti, Renzo Mazzarri,

In 1985 the Teseo Tesei team won the Italian team championship in Ponza. In addition to Mazzarri and Niccolai, Nedo Giusti was also part of the team, several times in the national team who, in the same year, came second in the European Cup with a few points behind Josè Amengual.

The Club today

Currently the Teseo Tesei Underwater Club, in addition to dealing with spearfishing, organizes swimming courses, courses for lifeguards, divers and sport fishermen. To carry out these activities, it is equipped with a modern headquarters defined by many in the national field as “a flagship”: 140 berths, changing rooms with hot showers, cylinder refilling station, two boats fully equipped for specific activities and one soundproofed multimedia room that can accommodate more than 100 people, equipped with the most modern equipment, such as a large screen with video projector, audio system, video conferencing system.

Underwater Club Teseo Tesei

Circolo Subacquei Teseo Tesei
Localita’ Antiche Saline
57037 Portoferraio (LI)
Portoferraio Isola d’Elba

tel. +39 0565930461

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