Cave of the Sbruffo Camping

Elba Camping Enfola Grotta Sbruffo
Elba Camping Enfola Cave of the Sbruffo

The Cave of the Sbruffo is located about 500 m from the the beach of the Enfola, a 20-minute paddle is a natural cave where you can enter only by swimming. The reflection of light due to the sun’s rays, penetrate inside from the top, creating the colors very special.

Sbruffo cave

The Sbruffo of foam from the top hole of the Cave of the Enfola
The Sbruffo foam that comes out the top hole of the cave

The natural shape of a funnel of the cave, during storms, conveys the force of the waves, towards the top, where he is about 8 to 10 m in the upper hole, from which comes out a sbruffo foam, and from which it takes its name, the cave of Camping.

Suggestion for the visit to the Grotto

We recommend that you visit the cave of the Sbruffo, when the sun is high enough to illuminate the inside and the bottom, to get the maximum beauty of the colors.

The promontory

The cave is located at the foot of the promontory of the Enfola, on the paid-facing the south.

If we make a’travel at the foot of the hill, you’ll find many shelters, underground bunkers, and stations a guard built by the Navy during the second world war.

How to reach the Cave of the Sbruffo

The Cave is located a 20-minute paddle boat, from beach Camping, a town that is located 5 km from Portoferraio, where you can find all the directions to get there.



Stree View

The cove where the Cave of the Sbruffo Enfola is located