Chestnuts Elba Island

Chestnuts Elba Island fresh dried and flour

Roasted chestnuts

Elba chestnuts, these fruits, fresh, dried or reduced in flour , were the staple food for mountain populations up to half a century ago.

The inhabitants of the island have always exploited this resource by planting chestnuts certainly since the 14th century;

The mountain, verdant and fresh, resembles an oasis, where mighty tall trees grow.

Hedgehog with chestnuts Elba Island

Chestnuts ripen in October, when the leaves begin to turn yellow and the hedgehog opens to release the fruit.

In this period, the Elban mountains take on warm-toned colors that interrupt the perennial green of the Mediterranean scrub.

Elban Chestnut Festival in Poggio (Marciana)

Almost every year, the last Sunday of October takes place in Poggio the traditional Castagnata Elbana ,
with a gastronomic itinerary linked to old traditions. All recipes strictly based on chestnuts: first courses, main courses, desserts, dry pastries, chestnut ice creams, chestnut beer and bread.