La Guardiola Nautica Amateur Athletic Association

La Guardiola Nautical Association Sailing Course on Elba

La Guardiola “Nautica Amateur Athletic Association begins its activities from 01/06 / to 30/09 each year in this period Guardiola organizes different sports activities where participation is open to all who want to join. The most important activity is sailing. It is practiced since 1998 with the opening of a sailing school where children and adults can learn this beautiful sport. At the end of July each year there are 2 sailing regattas zonal character. Since 2000 it has been rediscovered in the sport of rowing with the formation of a team of male and female. This sport has led to good results even Guardiola nationally last season for Gozzi Italian national was held in the waters of the island. Even fishing finds a good position in sport. Every year there are 2 Big Game fishing contests and a race of trolling. To bring the sport of fishing to children The Guardiola has seen fit to organize a course of Pierini fishermen

La Guardiola Procchio
La Guardiola Procchio

The Guardiola proposes courses targeted primarily for kids and adults, giving priority to the study of educational, fun and clean the safety of the sport of sailing at the island. Guardiola for the courses take place on boats sailing to Elba derived type, 420, Optimist, and other abuses The Guardiola has to accompany and follow the dinghy sailing course at sea The courses are conducted by FIV.

Elba La Guardiola sailing course for children on optimist

To attend the courses just a medical certificate of non-competitive sports activities for children and written consent of parents. The registration to the Italian Sailing Federation may be made when registering for the course.

Course of sailing weekly initiation and improvement courses for children.

The courses of initiation and weekly sailing courses for children. Audience: Children aged six years old and up to 12 years.

Boats: Optimist
Lasted from Monday to Saturday
Opening hours: 9.00 12.00
or 15.00 18.00
Period: every week from July to August.
Enrollment fee from € 120.00 + registration fee on the IVF group membership (see table)
Conducting weekly courses of initiation and completion for children and adults.
Audience: For children aged 13 years and adults
Duration: Monday to Saturday
Time: 9.00 12.00 or 15.00 18.00
Period: every week from Monday to Saturday
Registration: Registration fee € 150.00 + IVF on the band membership (see table) up to 18 years and € 180.00 + FIV entry fee for adults.
E ‘apply a discount of 10% if the participants are 2 brothers or two sisters.
Quote of destination the Italian Sailing Federation.
Guardiola is affiliated to the LA VELA ITALIAN FEDERATION

La Guardiola is located in Procchio which is only 10 km from Portoferraio , arrival point with the ship on the island.