Sailing Elba CVMM competitive season ended

Elba The 2021 competitive season of the Sailing club Marciana Marina has ended.

Marciana Marina (Elba Island), 21 December 2021 – With the last scheduled appointment – in Liguria on the occasion of the Imperia Winter Regatta – the 2021 season of the youth competitive team of the Sailing club has ended Marciana Marina .
Also this year, due to the health emergency, the season has been rather short, but the young sailors from Marin have committed themselves to the highest levels not only on the regatta fields, but also in the training sessions on the Elban sea which were always held under the guidance of Fabrizio Marzocchini.

The 2021 youth competitive team of the Sailing club  Marciana Marina Elba Island

As always, the Imperia appointment proved to be very demanding for the crew composed of Alessio Caldarera and Thomas Trentini this year passed from the L’equipe class to the 420 class, a really demanding class especially for the high number of participants. also on this occasion almost a hundred boats on the starting line.
Despite the difficulties due to the weather conditions – no wind on the first day, strong north-easterly wind and wave formed in the second and some failures in the third that forced the boys at the retreat the balance can be considered positive: “The boys behaved very well – commented the coach Fabrizio on his return to the island – They proved to have a good pace especially in the uprising with the spinnaker while they are still a bit ‘in difficulty at the start, but on the other hand it was their third participation in the regatta this year in this very numerous class ”.

As for the other CVMM sailors the 420 crew made up of Antonio Salvatorelli and Paolo Arnaldi, after a good start to the season, had to stop for a while for study reasons .
The crews of the youngest who raced with the L’Equipe Evo boat switched in September to the new double boat desired by FIV, the RS Feva: Zion Mazzei / Riccardo Coppo and Linda Gipponi / Ana Allori have took part in Dervio, on Lake Como, in the Italian Youth Championships in doubles classes. Also in this case the first participation in this class was very demanding with over 100 crews lined up on the regatta course . Now winter training will begin with the two new boats purchased by CVMM ”.

The appointments for the next competitive season are not yet final at the moment, but this year’s crews will certainly take part in the tests of the national circuit both in the 420 class and in the RS Feva. In this last class, new “pink” crews are already being formed after the winter training sessions that will begin the competitive season with the summer zonal regattas.