54° Rallye Elba

Rallye Elba from 15 to 17 April, the Italian WRC Championship will inaugurate the 2021 season from the legendary roads of Elba, on a path that will follow that of the past season, with six special stages and headquarters also in Portoferraio. A fascinating competition, which promises to be rich in technical and sporting content.

Elba Rally Campionato Italiano WRC

54th Rally Elba CI WRC Trofeo Gino Mini Italian Rally Championship WRC Island of Elba, 16-17 April 2021

Map Route 54th Rally Elba
54th Rally Elba Special Practice Timetable

Two days of competition and six Special Stages this is the program of the event which will propose a route inspired by tradition, “tailored to the rider”. A project, the one operated by Aci Livorno Sport in concert with the entire Elban community, which will certainly give value to the entire Italian championship. The design of the track follows the 2020 edition, thus ensuring a high standard of timed engagements, 92,600 kilometers, compared to the total which will be 314,520.

The 54th Rallye Elba – “Gino MINI Trophy”, reconfirmed in the Italian Rally WRC Championship (CIWRC).

For more details: www.rallyelba.com

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