Porto Azzurro Beach

La Rossa beach of Porto Azzurro

The beach of Porto Azzurro la Rossa, made up of sand and fine gravel, is located to the right of the town, another beach is located on the left side, outside the tourist port.

Porto Azzurro Spiaggia della Rossa Porto Azzurro Spiaggia della Rossa
Porto Azzurro Porto Azzurro
Spiaggia di Porto Azzurro la Rossa Spiaggia di Porto Azzurro la Rossa
Porto Azzurro Golfo di Mola e Capo Perla Porto Azzurro Golfo di Mola e Capo Perla

Coming from Capoliveri we find the beach at the beginning of the town, it is always very sheltered, the water is clear, especially with winds from the north. It is very convenient for those who choose Porto Azzurro as a home for their holiday.

The small Red Beach

The Spiaggia della Rossa is just under 100 meters long, the beach has shrunk over the years in favor of a tourist destination, Porto Azzurro is one of the most popular for nautical tourism on the Island of Elba.

The old beach of Porto Longone, the ancient name of the town, reached beyond the town square and the old Longonese put their boats in dry.

Because the beach is red

The red color of the beach , from which it takes the name is due to the mining material from which the beach is composed. Color a little lost after the last repair, carried out to restore the erosion suffered over the years.

Services at the Porto Azzurro Beach

At the Rossa beach there are various services, boat and dinghy rental, sailing boats, bar and restaurant. Being in the village we can then have other services nearby.

The municipality of Porto Azzurro over the years has made sunbeds and umbrellas available to bathers for free; there is no possibility of booking.

Despite the clarity of the water and the convenience, the beach of the Rossa is not very popular as it is not suitable for swimming due to its proximity to the tourist port.

How to reach the Porto Azzurro beach

The beach is located at the entrance to Porto Azzurro (coming from Portoferraio ), reaching it is very easy, a little less parking the car. Continuing towards Rio Marina , we find a parking lot after 100 meters on the left, the other on the right on the opposite side of Porto Azzurro at 400m.

Elba Spiaggia di sabbiaBottom of the Beach : Sand
Elba venti da Sud Sud-EstExposed to winds from: : East South-East
Length: 80 m
Beach services
  • Parking
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Rental of umbrellas and sunbeds
  • Bikes Rental
  • Car and motorbike rental
  • Rubber dinghy hire
  • Kayak Rental
  • Pedalo rental
  • Diving
  • Boating lane
  • Dock for boats



Stree View

Porto Azzurro beach aerial view

Aerial view of La Rossa Porto Azzurro Beach