The Faraglioni of the Argonauts

The Faraglioni of the Argonauts, sad, rocky extravagant shapes that make them special and distinctive.

They are not as famous as the faraglioni of Capri, but the faraglioni of Elba also have their beauty. If you are in the vicinity of Enfola, Sansone beach or find the particular rock formations interesting, then it is worth knowing where they are and paying us a visit.

The peaks of the island of Elba: the Stacks of the Argonauts

Rocky peaks that emerge from the sea to the Island of Elba

On the northern coast of the Island of Elba, near the Camping you will find a variety of charming rocky peaks that rise from the Sea. All of varied shape and distinct between them.

The stack by the Argonauts, rocky peaks from the sea to the island of Elba

One in particular, the largest and most fascinating, has a more singular shape and has an arch that allows you to cross it by swimming or kayaking.

The Faraglioni of Elba are located in the stretch of cliff that separates the beach of Enfola (north side) from that of Sansone, a beach particularly appreciated for the colors they create solar reflections when they penetrate the sea, due to the clarity of the water and the clear gravel of the seabed.

We find the same color to the rocks of the Argonauts, as the bottom which emerge from the same rocky composition. The Stacks are located 400 m from the beach Samson.

The passage of the Argonauts from the Island of Elba

By the rocks, up to the Ghiaie beach (Portoferraio), we find a succession of beaches formed by aplite tormalinifera whitish, where the pebbles clear, highlight the clarity of the water, with reflections of colored light. The same stones pass on the the history of the passage of the Argonauts: the legend wants that these latter, after having taken possession of the Golden Fleece, to step on the island, exhausted by the long and troubled journey, threw themselves down to rest on the beach of Elba, scoring with sweat from the white pebbles of the beach of streaks and dots, signs that today we find on the gravel. In this step of the Elbe, of the argonauts is also associated with the old name of Portoferraio “PortoArgo”.


The faraglione is a rocky outcrop in the shape of peak emerging from the sea water. They were formed following the erosive and mechanical action of wave motion over time.

How to get to the Faraglioni of Elba

The Faraglioni of Elba are located near Enfola, 5 km from Portoferraio, we can reach them in two ways. Swimming from the beach on the north side of Enfola, or from Sansone beach by renting a pedal boat. It is 400m from both places



Kayak to the Cave of the Sbruffo and Faraglioni of the Argonauts