Cipollino marble extracted in Agnone Procchio

Cipollino marble extracted by the Romans

The quarry work on Elba did not have to be limited to the excavation of granite alone. Another stone resource is Cipollino Marble from Elba, a type of veined marble, unsuitable for the creation of statues, with streaks of color that vary from light green to dark green streaked with black.

The quarries were probably located between the western cove of the gulf of Procchio and the eastern edge of the Paolina beach . Some remains of columns remain in Porto di Procchio (La Guardiola) and in the Agnone cove to testify to the exploitation, but even more so its use for cornices, plinths, thresholds, floor tiles, wall crusts, etc. in the villas of Capo Castello, of Le Grotte della Linguella.

Extraction prior to that of the granite

The presence of cipollino marble in the residences already abandoned at the end of the 1st century AD leads to the hypothesis that its use, at least at a local level, preceded the exploitation of granite.