Historical itineraries on the Island of Elba

Historical itineraries on Elba, the island is rich in history and many monuments remind us of the historical interest aroused by the small island with its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea and its multiple geological interest for minerals owned.

Portoferraio Fortress Stella is one of the places with the greatest number of historical itineraries on the Island of Elba


Historical itinerary within Portoferraio visiting: Fortress Stella, Fortress Falcone and the Villa Napoleonica dei Mulini, all close to each other, from where you have a beautiful view of the harbor of Portoferraio and its surroundings

The most impressive monument of the historical itineraries on the Island of Elba.  One of the entrance gates to Fortress Falcone Portoferraio


The Fortress was built in 1548 by the Medici, in defense of the constant pirate attacks. Its terraced interior is very large with numerous stairs and underpasses. The very imposing walls surround the entire ancient center of Portoferraio. Thanks to its height you can see the whole town and the surrounding area

Fortress Stella Portoferrio


Fortress Stella is part of the imposing fortifications commissioned by Cosimo dei Medici, in defense of pirate attacks. It was built in 1548 on one of the two hills above Portoferraio. The panoramic view from the Fort is truly spectacular

Garden Villa of the Mulini Napoleone
Napoleon’s villa


Villa dei Mulini is located between Fortress Stella and Fortress Falcone (Portoferraio) and is so called due to the ancient presence of windmills. It became a national museum after being one of Napoleon’s two residences on the island.

Fortress Focardo Capoliveri


The Fort was built in 1678. Since 1863, it has been used as a lighthouse. The building is now home to the lightmen of the Italian Navy.

The Volterraio castle is one of the historical itineraries on the Island of Elba which reminds us of the ancient interest of the Island


The Volterraio Castle is one of the oldest historical itineraries on the Island of Elba, formerly called Monte Veltraio, the hexagonal castle was built around the year one thousand, on the point where a pre-existing period structure probably stood Etruscan.

The Volterraio Castle has been recently renovated and can be visited

Blocks of Cipollino Procchio marble, historical itineraries on the Island of Elba due to the interest due to the minerals possessed by the territory of the island


Another Elban stone resource is Elban cipollino marble. Some remains of columns remain in Porto di Procchio (La Guardiola) and in the Agnone cove to testify to the exploitation.

Procchio Mountain Castello Cinta Muraria western side


The modest hill of Mountain Castello, immediately behind the bay of Procchio, overlooks the northern coast of the Island of Elba and occupies a strategic position for the control of the opposing inlets, dominating the plain of Marina di Campo to the south.

Procchio Roman Ship Wreck


Roman ship sunk on the island of Elba. In 1967 a storm brought to light the wreck, in the northern part of the Island of Elba in the Gulf of Procchio (La Guardiola), the remains of a small Roman cargo ship. The wreck is located a few meters deep, currently not visible because it is covered in sand.