Wrecks in Portoferraio from the Roman period

Three wrecks found in Portoferraio: in front of the Ghiaie beach, the Capo Enfola wreck and the Scoglio dei Due Fratelli wreck.

a) Wreck delle Ghiaie. In front of the Ghiaie beach a few isolated fragments (necks, loops and tips) of Dressel A and B shape amphorae have been recovered

Anchor block in bronze with rectangular recess. Wreck of Capo Enfola

b) Rock of the Two Brothers. At a depth of 11 m, a fragmentary Dressel-shaped amphora of the type already attested in Monte Castello di Procchio was found.

c) Wreck of Capo Enfola . At the depth of m. 35 a wreck is reported from which comes an amphora of the form Dressel I A. From the same area comes a lead anchor block with a rectangular recess.

It is possible to observe various finds found with the wreck at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Linguella Portoferraio