The Sassi Ritti (menhir) San Piero

The site of the Sassi Ritti (a short distance from San Piero a >) hosts a series of four aniconic menhirs present ad immemore, from which the toponym derives. The menhirs of Elba on the slopes of Monte Perone , could have a ritual function, similar to what happens in the megalithic sites of southern Sardinia (Pranu mutteddu) and in the south of Corsica (Caurìa and Palaggiu), where these alignments of menhir are called filarate. Characteristics always observable is the exact North-South direction of the menhirs; this arrangement could refer to a specific desire to allow the rays to constantly illuminate the longer sides of the monoliths throughout the day. The dating can be traced back to a period between the third and second millennium BC.

Position Sassi Ritti