Monte Perone by car

This is an itinerary to be made by car, passing near the top of Mount Perone at 630 m, where you can enjoy pretty panoramic vistas over much of the island.Departing from Procchio, a little town with a golf amongst the most beautiful of Elba, you head towards Marciana Marina and going along the seaside, you can see the little inlet of Cotone, an old natural port, Fenicia Beach and the Saracen Tower (1100).

Continue on to the town of Poggio (alt. 350 m) lying at the foot of Monte Capanne and famous for its spring waters. Its town square offers a beautiful panoramic vista, the streets are pedestrian only and wind up to the church located on the highest point of the town and easily recognizable by its bell tower that sticks above the other roofs. From the town, the road that brings you to M. Perone 5 km further on is immersed in chestnut trees. Arriving at the top there is ample green space with tables for picnics, and hikes amongst the tall trees. Park the car and go for a walk towards the peak (about 500 m) taking the path on the left going up, from which you can enjoy a beautiful Elba view . When bored of all these marvels, continue on, descending in the direction of Marina di Campo; during this trip you will see the remains of the Roman church and a little later the Tower of S. Giovanni. After another 2 km, you are at a crossroads, where you can decide if you are going to S. Piero or S. Ilario; we turned to the left having decided on the latter. Arriving in S. Ilario, we made a visit to this small and quaint town. The narrow streets are granite and adorned with flowers; the town square is at the highest point with a little church, at which we marveled, as we seemed to be in a miniature cathedral! More than satisfied, we took our leave for Marina di Campo, where we took a walk on the sea front eating a delicious ice-cream bought from one of the numerous specialty ice-cream shops.