Island of Elba

Elba Island is located in the middle of the marine park of the Tuscan archipelago and can be reached in just one hour by ship from Piombino.

Morphology of Elba Island

It has an area of ​​200 square km and 147 km of coastal development, with a continuous alternation of beaches and rocks, gentle slopes and sheer walls;

Views beach Elba Island Portoferraio

it has a lively orography, with its peak in Monte Capanne which exceeds a thousand metres. Elba offers a territory rich in landscapes and hidden corners to explore (both marine and mountain). Besides this the island is well prepared for tourism (on Elba there are about: 200 hotels, 50 residences, 30 campsites, 30 farm holidays). The number of residents on the island is just over 20 thousand.

To the side you will find the names of the towns on the Island of Elba, by clicking on the person concerned you will access the detailed description with photos.