Island of Elba

The island of Elba can be reached by just an hour-long ferry ride from Piombino; it offers a territory rich with both sea and mountain panoramas.

Park Insel of Elba

Elba is located in the middle of the Insel of Elba Viste BeachTuscan Archipelago Marine Park and can be reached by just an hour’s ferry ride from Piombino. It has an area of 200 square km and a coastline of 147 km, continuously alternating between beaches and rocks, gentle slopes and sheer cliffs. It has a varied orography with Mount Capanne at its apex, more than a thousand meters high. Elba offers a territory rich in hidden corners to explore and both marine and mountain panoramas. Besides these, the island is well prepared for tourism (on Elba there are about: 200 hotels, 50 residences, 30 camping sites, and 30 farm house inns). The number of residents on the island is a little more than twenty thousand.

On the side are the names of the towns of Elba; clicking on the one you’re interested in accesses a detailed description and photo.