Capo Enfola and Scoglio the Nave Scuba diving Elba Island

Approximately a half hour navigation from Marciana Marina is Capo Enfola, where close to the coast is situated the large rock named ‘Scoglio della Nave’. This is an extention of the rocky promontory.

The dive can start on the north side of the rock where the seabed descends fairly gently until 22 meters deep. The exploration can then continue along a steep wall that descends 47 meters. The edge has various breaches and splits in which usually hide lobsters, moray eels and octopuses. Particularly beautiful are the Cerianthus commonly growing in the more detrital seabed areas and that stretch their crowns of long and coloured tentacles in the blue water.

Capo d’Enfola e lo Scoglio della Nave Subacquea Isola d' Elba

At the base of the cliff there is a large breach with walls and vault covered by a great number of sciophilous organisms, such as Sertella septentrionalis and Myriapora truncata, forming a complex calcareous structure. The peculiar morphology of the seabed in this area calls for various dives following the many underwater itineraries.