The Viottolo Trekking Elba Island

SPORT: the Trekking Path on the Island of Elba

Il Viottolo Trekking on the Island of Elba

Il Viottolo trekking on Elba means traveling through the millenary history of its inhabitants, from prehistoric caves to ancient stone villages, finding Etruscan kilns and fortresses, visiting the ancient granite quarries where the Romans “quarried” the columns for the their monuments; delve into the heart of the earth, into disused iron mines, discovering the places where iron was mined for thousands of years, immersed in the surreal colors of the earth and minerals; you can relive the era of the Saracen raids, visiting battlefields, defensive fortresses, villages destroyed and never rebuilt.

But the thing that makes it most fascinating to do trekking on the Island of Elba is the enormous variety of sceneries, colors and scents starting from the geological conformation that in a few kilometers collects over 150 geological species of the approximately 200 known (some of which were discovered for the first time in Elba) that make the colors of the environment extremely varied and those of the beaches below, always present in the panoramas from the island hills with splendid views from above. Not to mention the variety of flora that in a few hours of walking lead the trekker to admire the coastal vegetation of the sandy or rocky beaches, passing through the flowers and scents of rosemary, lavender and other species that make up the garrigue, which leave room for broom, strawberry tree, juniper, myrtle and others typical of the Mediterranean scrub up to the oak woods and climbing further towards the chestnut and conifer woods of the peaks of the Capanne massif. But in addition to the great variety of flowers (there are over 40 species of orchids alone, some of which are indigenous) in every trekking itinerary we will be immersed in the sounds of avifauna: from the sea to the mountain and in the Capanne we will meet the mouflons, majestic undisputed masters of the hills.

Walking on Elba will make you discover and get to know this and more thanks to the great concentration of interests that this small great island offers, ideal for an active holiday dedicated to hiking trekking in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

For guided trekking excursions we recommend the Il Viottolo excursion center which, with a lot of passion and experience, will be able to advise you on the most suitable excursions for every need.

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