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Absolutely not to be missed is a trip to Mountain Capanne, the highest peak in the whole of Elba, from where you can admire a unique and wonderful panorama. After a day of rain or strong wind, the sky has been swept by the mist and it is therefore the best time to go to the summit from where we will be able to see the whole Island of Elba, the mainland and the neighboring islands: Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giglio and Corsica.

From Marciana the departure of the cableway to Monte Capanne

Note: approx. 200 m. before reaching the town of Marciana we find a parking lot, the starting point of the cableway to Mountain Capanne is located a few meters above, not we can see it because of the thick vegetation of chestnut trees, the same that will accompany us for most of the journey to the summit.

360° View

360 ° view from the top of the Island of Elba

Mount Galera

Mount Maolo