Rowing Lega Navale Portoferraio Elba Island

Rowing Lega Navale Portoferraio Elba Island

Rowing Elba Sport: Portoferraio Naval League

The Naval League section of Portoferraio , founded in 1901, by Cav. Domenico Bigeschi first President, has always had its headquarters in Grigolo .

Rowing Lega Navale Portoferraio (Grigolo)
In the photo we see the athletes competing during the Elba rowing race (Photo: Marta Dini)


The Association Naval League was founded in 1897 in La Spezia, with the aim of spreading a culture of the sea for everyone, but in particular for young people. Even today the statute retains this primary objective.

In 1975 the state passed a law to transform the LNI from a private body to a public service body, under the control of the then Ministry of Mercantile Marine, (currently it is replaced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport), and under the administrative control of the Court of Auditors. In 2001 the Ministry of the Environment and Territory signed a memorandum of understanding for the environmental protection of the coasts and the sea. The national offices of the body are designated by the Ministry of the Interior through the Command of the Navy. The Presidents, Vice-Presidents and General Managers are retired Admirals who perform their functions for a period of five years. The General Assembly of the Sections takes place annually and through the votes on the various topics determine the guidelines. Delegates are designated for each region who, collaborating with the sections, create links with the regional administrative institutions. Currently the members of the LNI are just under 50,000 distributed over the 260 sections and delegations.

Italian Naval League Section of Portoferraio

location Grigolo – Portoferraio
P.O. Box No. 53
57037 (LI) Elba Island

Tel. / fax +39 0565 917243
Tel. bar +39 0565 917744