The wine-making traditions of the Elbe



Marciana Marina, Tuesday 6 September 2022. The winemaking traditions of Elba, and in particular of the western side of the island, will be the theme of the meeting to be held in Marciana Marina as part of the Book Review at the Torre, Tuesday 6 September at 9.30 pm in Piazzale Bernotti next to the beach of the Fenicia, at the Pro Loco office. The author herself, Gloria Peria, assisted by Alessandro Petri and introduced by Patrizia Lupi, will talk about her research which led to the publication of the volume: The privilege of the Emperor. Napoleonic rules on Elban wine, Persephone Editrice, 2021.

the Glory the Project, the scientific director of the Management of the Associated municipal archives on the island of Elba, tells the will of Napoleon, in the plane of a reordering of income for the island, to assign to the elban wines, a certificate of origin that would protect the uniqueness.

With the argued and fascinating foreword Alessandro Petri, already agronomist in the vineyards of the famous wine “Sassicaia” and he is currently a lecturer at the elba Agricultural institute, publication, not only enhances the documents in the Archives but the entire territory of the island of elba, and those growers who with courage and passion to bring forward significant experience in agricultural and wine-growing.

The wine-making traditions of the Elbe

From documents preserved mainly in the archives of the Marciana, it is clear that the will of Napoleon, in the plane of a reordering of income for the island, to assign to the elban wines a quality certification of origin that would protect the uniqueness. It was he who, during his stay at the Elbe, between 1814 and 1815, he favoured a strong impetus for the production and made to take a census of 32 million screws and established the first DOC of the Elbe in 1809, where, to safeguard the economy from elba, freed from customs duties on wines of the island, fregiandogli of a certificate of origin that they would be treated as equivalent to the French wines, allowing the sales in the continent. A topic that has aroused the curiosity of many economic operators in the wine sector, so much so that some, aware of it or less of the complexity of the research work and the rigor that characterizes it, have it interpreted by your imagination and adapted to your business needs.

author: Gloria the Project training in the university historical, since 1980 focuses on the Archival and 15 years of Management Associated with the Historic Archives of all of the Municipalities on the island of Elba, of which he is the scientific Director. Member of the Board of the National Centre for the Studies of napoleon and of the history of the island of Elba, he has collaborated on several occasions with the Magazine of the Centre, directed by Luigi Mascilli Migliorini. In view of the valorisation of the historical archives of elba has designed and produced exhibitions, workshops, publications, and cultural events of various kinds, involving, in most cases, educational institutions, graduates and lovers of the history of the island of Elba. He designed and managed the printing of numerous books on the topic of local history and has recently published: Victory Altoviti Avila Toscanelli, a noblewoman of the Nineteenth century and the sea on the island of Elba, and the loves of colors and charms. La Contessa Lara and the island of Elba for Persephone Editions, and is the director of the same, in the form of a benevolent, Necklace Extabulis. From 2021, the president of the Cooperative Alké Cultural Services of young women of elba specialize in various fields of culture.

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