Fishing with taste in Marciana Marina


Pesca con gusto: fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans

Fishing with taste, appointment on Friday 28 April in Marciana Marina, starting at 9.30 at the Cinema Metropolis in Via Vadi where we will talk about the protection of the marine environment but also about the environmental and economic sustainability of professional fishing on the occasion of the third edition of “Pesca con Gusto”. It will be an opportunity to retrace the history of the traditions of Marciana Marina through the images of Carlo Gasparri collected in the documentary “Marciana Marina, garden of the Mediterranean” with interviews with the protagonists of the time.

Retracing the maritime tradition of Marciana Marina

After the greetings of Andrea Bartoli, animator and organizer for the San Leopoldo Cooperative of events, together with Patrizia Lupi, director of the Isola d’Elba Foundation, the mayors of Marciana Marina and of Marciana, Gabriella Allori and Simone Barbi, the Commander Santo Aktavilla of the Port Authority of Portoferraio will participate in the works , the President of Generazione Mare and owner of the Ambiente&Mare law firm Daniela Addis, the president of PNAT Giampiero Sammuri, Paolo Sartor researcher of the Interuniversity Center of Marine Biology, Andrea Porchera director of the Marine Protected Area Secche della Meloria, Manuela Fabbri, President of the association Enough Plastic at Sea.

Onlus Elba Island

Among the issues addressed in the workshop also the protection of the sea and good practices such as that of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Meloria, comparing the experiences of the Archipelago with those of other Italian regions.

Fishing meeting with taste in Marciana Marina

Fishing boats Marina di Campo Elba Island

The Pesca con gusto meeting is open to citizens who will be able to appreciate the buffet based on Coop Acli Pesca products accompanied by wines from the Roberto Battani farm in Marciana Marina and traditional cakes from the Nocentini bakery.

The program of the appointment in Marciana Marina to talk about the sea

Marciana Marina Pesca con gusto: fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans