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The fourth round of the Pesca con Gusto series of meetings moves to Elba in Rio Marina, in the Conference Room of the Parco Minerario, on Friday 5 May, starting at 9.30 am on the theme of supplementary fishing activities such as concrete possibility of development of the sector and experiential tourism.

The meeting on Friday 28 April in Marciana Marina was dedicated to the topic of marine environment protection and professional fishing between environmental sustainability and economic,

Marciana Marina conference Fishing with taste Elba Island

and was attended by the President of PNAT Giampiero Sammuri; by Andrea Bartoli, Vice President of Fedagripesca Confcooperative Toscana; Daniela Addis of the Law Firm “Ambiente&Mare” and President Ass. Generation Mare; Paolo Sartor of the Interuniversity Center for Marine Biology; Andrea Porchera, who described the Marine Protected Area of ​​the Secche della Meloria; Santo Altavilla, CF Capitaneria Portoferraio with a report on “The protection of the marine environment and the Coast Guard”; Manuela Fabbri, of the “Basta Plastica in Mare” association with a speech with an emblematic title: “Plastic sickness”.

On May 5th at Rio Marina the supplementary fishing activities will be discussed as a concrete possibility for the development of the fishing industry and experiential tourism. Fishing is in fact one of the successful elements of a tourist destination, where the guests of the island want to eat local, fresh, km.0 products, but also have exciting experiences in contact with nature relating to the life of the inhabitants.

The meeting will be introduced by representatives of the Municipality of Rio, Alberta Brambilla, President of the Mining Park; Santo Altavilla, CF Capitaneria di Portoferraio, Niccolò Censi, President of the Associated Tourism Management.

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The participation of Stefania Saccardi, Councilor of the Tuscany Region is expected; A workshop will follow with the participation of: Andrea Bartoli, Vice-President of Fedagripesca Confcooperative Toscana; Federico Massimo Ceschin, President of Simtur; Paola Andriano of the Ittiturismo La Rosa dei Venti; Monica Galletti of Pescaturismo La Barca dei Matti; Antonio Arrighi, Viticulturist; Alessandro Petri of the ICGI Cerboni Agricultural Institute; Alvaro Claudi, gastronomy expert; Andrea Rossi, Marketing and experience manager VisitElba. Many topics on the table, from the experiences of fish tourism and fishing tourism in Elba, to sustainable tourism, from training in the fishing sector to the food and wine traditions of the island. In closing, the fishermen of the San Leopoldo and Acli Pesca cooperatives will present a cooking show and will set up a buffet with dishes prepared with local fish. The tasting will be accompanied by the excellent wines of the “le Sughere di Montefico farm, including the white from Elba, the Ansonica Miniera, and the excellent Aleatico to be enjoyed with traditional desserts from the Nocentini Bakery.

Fishing program with taste in Rio Marina

Conference in Rio Pesca con gusto Island of Elba