Elba: Fishing with taste in Portoferraio


The undersecretary of MASAF Sen. Patrizio La Pietra will also participate in the opening of the series of conferences from Elba “Pesca con gusto: fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans” which held in Portoferraio Friday 14 April at the Hotel Airone in San Giovanni.

Onlus Elba Island

The presence of the vice president with responsibility for agriculture in Tuscany, Stefania Saccardi and very likely the presence of the Governor, Eugenio Giani also ensured his presence. The theme of the meeting on which public bodies, maritime and port authorities, experts, research centers and companies, environmental associations and the fishing world are called to discuss is very topical.

Let’s save the sea of ​​the Tuscan Archipelago from waste

The title is emblematic and the themes that closely concern Elba are stringent: “Let’s save the sea of ​​the Tuscan Archipelago from waste: from the recovery of abandoned fishing nets to marine litter. The application of the Salvamare Law.” Undersecretary Sen. La Pietra will answer questions from stakeholders, together with the regional administrators, to find concrete solutions, and in a short time, to the problems presented by the sector, between environmental protection and economic sustainability.

Pesca con gusto: fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans

The works will begin at 9.30 am with greetings from the Authorities. The mayor of Portoferraio Angelo Zini confirmed their presence; the Regional Councilor Stefania Saccardi; Admiral Gaetano Angora, maritime director of Tuscany; Stefano Bianco, responsible for safety, environment and Piombino services, of the Alto Tirreno Port System Authority; Claudia Fiaschi, president of Confcooperative Toscana; Fabrizio Pasquini, president of Flag Costa degli Etruschi; Paolo Tiozzo, Vice President of Fedagripesca Confcooperative.

The reports are entrusted to Andrea Bartoli, Vice President of Fedagripesca Confcooperative Toscana; Alessandra Malfatti, President OP Cittadella della Pesca of Viareggio; Gilberto Ferrari, CIRSPE President; Santo Altavilla, commander of the Port Authority of Portoferraio; Giampiero Sammuri, President of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; Francesco Cinelli of the Scientific Committee of the Elba Foundation; Fabio Murzi, President of the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation; Silvestro Mellini, Manager of Marevivo Elba.

Elba projection on fishing activity

An interesting documentary by Carlo Gasparri, a scuba diver from Elba famous for his numerous national and international awards, will be screened at the opening, with evocative images of fishing in the archipelago from yesterday and today.

Exhibition of objects collected on the beaches of the Island of Elba

An interesting exhibition, curated by Silvia Lelli, of abandoned objects at sea, collected on the beaches of the Elba Island with the emblematic title: “Art-ethnographic finds from the Anthropocene: natural-cultural productions in the Fourth Mediterranean landscape “.

Enhancement of the local fish product

The objective of the program is the enhancement of the local fish product, the incentive of the short supply chain as well as the training and information to the consumer on the main fish species of our seas, on their use and on their seasonality, on the various fishing methods and on the traditions and on the between professional fishing and sea protection.

Elba Island Foundation 5 conferences Fishing with taste

Fishing with taste: five appointments on Elba to talk about the sea, fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans

The debate will be moderated by the journalist Patrizia Lupi, Director of the Fondazione Isola d’Elba who had the task of organizing the cycle of conferences together with Andrea Bartoli of Fedagripesca Toscana, on behalf of Cittadella della Pesca soc. coop., the first organization of fish producers in Tuscany, involved in the development of the Participatory Local Strategy of the Flag Costa del Etruschi, the coastal action group set up under the EMFF program 2014-2020 which operates in the fishing and aquaculture sector, involving numerous public and private entities in numerous Tuscan coastal municipalities.

During the lunch break, a cooking show dedicated to the local fish and agri-food supply chain will be organised, organized by the San Leopoldo Cooperative and the ACLI Pesca Cooperative, who will talk about local fish and traditional recipes.

Portoferraio first of the meetings dedicated to Fishing

The one in Portoferraio is the first in a series of Elbani meetings dedicated to Fishing. There will be five days starting from April 14th for five consecutive Fridays until May 12th, in the maritime municipalities of the island (Portoferraio, Marina di Campo, Marciana Marina, Rio Marina and Porto Azzurro), to present the many themes related to the sea and to its protection, to the fishing professions, to the culture and food and wine traditions that see their strong point in the catch and local products.

The work program of the five workshops was dense, with the participation of representatives of institutions at a national, regional and local level, the business world and the third sector, trade associations and cooperatives.

Collaborations of Elba companies

There have been many collaborations at the local level in support of the project, both in the organizational phase and for the promotion of the event, including through tastings of local products, during the cooking shows, open to the participants of the workshops, starting with the Elba companies: Tenuta delle Ripalte, Le Sughere di Montefico, Arrighi vineyards and olive trees, Roberto Battani Agricultural Company, Nocentini Group, Blu Navy Navigation Company, InfoElba, Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago Magazine. To find out more, you can download the program from the Elba Foundation website www.fondazioneisoladelba.it and Cittadella della Pesca OP www.cittadellapescaop.com

It will be possible to follow the work of the first day in live streaming by connecting to the website www.fondazioneisoladelba.it

For information

Patrizia Lupi 339 6974753 –

Andrea Bartoli 331 8358902

The program of the appointment in Portoferraio to talk about the sea

Portoferraio Pesca con gusto: fishing and fishermen in the lands of the Etruscans